Point of View—the “close 3rd” or -intimate narrator

Frank Montagnino demonstrates the “close 3rd” for us with his entry below:



Melissa couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It was the last thing she thought about at night  and the first thought she had in the morning.  It even invaded her dreams taking on different forms –  most more horrible than the thing itself.

She had thought about it all the way to work despite stopping at the cleaners, the pharmacy   and even while smiling at Nate, the doorman at her building.

In fact, the only time she hadn’t thought of it was the instant she stepped off the elevator  when she realized that Nate was the third person she had met that morning.

Emerging author Frank Montagnino delights us with his version of Show and Tell

“If Momma ain’t happy….”

(A really short story by Frank Montagnino)

It was a bleak day; a gray day, the kind of day that if you didn’t have to go to work you’d just pull up the covers and stay in bed.   But you wouldn’t enjoy that either, Joni thought.

She looked out the grimy window of her dreary room at the barren harvested field beyond the motel’s parking lot.  “Empty,” she  muttered to herself.  As empty as her life since Roger had pulled up stakes and left her all alone on the outskirts of this Godforsaken,  down-at-the-heels farm town.

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