Columbia Writers’ Guild E-Newsletter (Q3, 2017)

The latest edition of the quarterly Columbia Writers’ Guild E-Newsletter is now available.  Please read it here: CCMWG Newsletter Q3 2017

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Well Versed 2017 Order Form

Please use the order form below to order copies of Well Versed 2017 to be paid by check. This form is for books to be picked up at the June 4, 2017 CCMWG meeting or to be shipped to your house.

If you do not pre-order, you may order books from for $11.00 each, plus shipping and handling.

Pre-ordered books will be distributed at the June 4, 2016 CCMWG meeting at the Book Launch. If want your books shipped to you, please add $3.50 for the first book and $1.50 for each additional book, and fill in the shipping line.

You can email the completed form back to or send it snail mail to CCMWG, PO Box 7628, Columbia, MO 65205-7628

2017 Well Versed Order Form

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Well Versed 2017 Winners and Contributors

Thank you for all your submissions to Well Versed 2017! We had so many wonderful stories and poems to read through and choose from. We had 74 poems, 21 Flash Fiction pieces, 22 fiction stories and 14 non-fiction submissions. Below is the list of winners and contributors.


1st: “Out and About” by Lori Younker

2nd: “The L Word” by Sheree Nielsen

3rd: “I Love a Rainy Night” by Deb Sutton


“Aloha” by Millicent Henry

“A Walk in the Woods (with apologies to Bill Bryson)” by Sally Papreck

“Letters from a Combat Zone” by Marcie McGuire

“Living on the Page” by Lynn Strand McIntosh

“Looking Back in My Special Room” by Mary Rechenberg

“Magic of the Extraordinary” by Pat Wahler

“The Monster in my Basement” by Amy Christianson



1st “InVisible” by Allen Fenwald

2nd “The Robot” by J.M. Brandt

3rd “Best Laid Plans” by Frank Montaginino


“A Simple Question” by Rod McHugh

“Adjusting” by Nancy Burdick

“A Final Goodbye” by Deb Sutton

“A Juxtaposition” by Allen Fenwald

“Combat Zone” by Nancy Jo Allen

“On Blue Waters” by Lori Younker

“Mother and the War Devil” by Pablo Baum

“Portrait of an Artist” by Marcie McGuire

“Pullin’ Weeds” by Mary Heinsman

“Red Dust Redo” by Susan Koenig

“Tempest” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“The Trial” by Diane Kehres

“The Woods” by Kristian Wingo

“Two Windows” by J.M. Brandt

“Riding Shotgun” by Kit Salter


Flash Fiction

1st “First Comes the Straw” by Lori Younker

2nd “Celeste” by Kristian Wingo

3rd “Bushwacking in Suburbia” by Rebecca Graves


“Conquering the Horses” by Ida Bettis Fogle

“Crossing Over” by Rebecca Graves

“Destruction” by Gail Denham

“Feminine Mystique” by Rebecca Graves

“Flight” by Charles Lockwood

“Freedom” by Jason Reimund

“Hero or Goat” by Terry Cobb

“Ice Music” by Marcie McGuire

“In Thorny Paths” by Drew Van Dyke

“Mrs. Morrison” by Frank Montaginino

“On the Brink of Harriet’s Leaving” by Terry Allen

“Out of Darkness” by Gail Denham

“Precipice” by Adria Waters

“Strudel with Ma” by Kelly Smith

“The Hunter” by Pablo Baum

“Tragedy on Board the Siddons” by Mary Heinsman



1st “Featherless” by Mary Siwance

2nd “Bernie” by J.M. Brandt

3rd “Brunelda Snap’s Thoughts on Winter” by Peg Crawford
Honorable Mention: “In August” by Jason Reimund

“A Little June Trip to Montana” by Larry Allen

“A Parting of Ways” by Abby Letner

“A Prayer for Christmas Joy” by Sarah Geringer

“After” by Mary Siwance

“All the Words” by Abby Letner

“Alucard” by Barry Walker

“Branches” by J.M. Brandt

“Condolences” by Nancy Jo Allen

“Cthulhu Power” by Barry Walker

“Easter News” by Gail Denham

“Eventide” by Peg Crawford

“Exit” by Nancy Jo Allen

“Female Language” by J.M. Brandt

“Garden Aplomb” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“Glasses” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“Healing Needed” by Gail Denham

“Home and Love Creep Back” by Gail Denham

“Huggin’ and Sluggin'” by Eva Ridenour

“I Open My Jaws” by J.M. Brandt

“I Wail Like Wolves” by Nancy Jo Allen

“In the Attic” by Gail Denham

“In Threes” by Jason Reimund

“January Anew” by Sarah Geringer

“Kindness to Strangers” by Ida Bettis Fogle

“Living Water” by Sheree Nielsen

“Losing Wally” by Barry Walker

“Moving” by Eva Ridenour

“Ode to Asclepias” by Sarah Geringer

“Oh the Places She Did Not Go” by Terry Allen

“Old Movies” by Eva Ridenour

“On the Bones of an Endangered Species” by Nancy Jo Allen

“Peace” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“Peony” by Jason Reimund

“Perfect Autumn Day” by Ida Bettis Fogle

“Red Dog’s Observations” by Sheree Nielsen

“Remembering” by Mary Siwance

“Rubber Time” by Terry Allen

“Search” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“Sentinels of Spring” by Mary Rechenberg

“Spontaneous Loss” by Nancy Jo Allen

“Staring out at the Storm Lake of People” by Jason Reimund

“Tame Her if You Can” by Gail Denham

“The Mask” by Pablo Baum

“Those Who Did Not Wed” by Abby Letner

“To the Seashore” by Sheree Nielsen

“Tree” by Mary Heinsman

“Trembles to Life” by J.M. Brandt

“Up South Mountain” by Eva Ridenour

“We’re Not Interested” by Terry Allen

“What Can Happen in a Second” by Megan Martin

“What Eurydice Learned” by Jason Reimund

“Winter Walk” by Mary Siwance

“Yeate’s Glass” by Barry Walker

“Zephyr” by Drew Van Dyke

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Welcome to the New Officers for 2017

Welcome to our new president and board members for 2017! As we start a new year, remember our motto:  Nurturing Writers…that’s what we do.


President-Deb Sutton

DebSuttonDeb Sutton wrote her first book while in high school and promptly experienced her first rejection. Her school librarian, Mr. D, told her—kindly—that it lacked originality. This motivated her to not only learn the craft but to expand her horizons. She is a self-published author of the novel, Broken Sidewalks, and has several entries in the Well Versed 2015 Anthology. Her screenplay of Broken Sidewalks won Honorable Mention in the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. Deb is a veteran of the Air Force and has a degree in psychology from Truman University and an MSW from the University of Missouri. She’s currently a social worker for the Children’s Division and is involved in her local United Methodist Church.

Vice President/Well Versed Co-Editor-Maggie Maginness 

Maggieand Mikey Mule
Maggie Maginness’s top interests are ecology, education, fiction and animals (horses in particular). She has master’s degrees in Journalism and Environmental Education. She applies her combined interests in science and communication to writing about science. Her published writing includes science news stories, but she hopes to soon add a novel with an ecology backbone to her list of accomplishments. When she’s not working at Alan Meyer Law, riding her horses or hanging with her family, you can find her writing, editing, researching, and brainstorming, working to put science into fiction that isn’t science fiction.

Treasurer/Well Versed Co-Editor-Charles Tutt

Charles Tutt

Charles was born 13 days before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor sweeping America into WWII. His early years witnessed rationing and scarcity as America put everything it had into the war effort. His family, though they didn’t have electricity or indoor plumbing, were more fortunate than most because they were farmers and enjoyed plenty of good food (and it shows on him to this day). Charles attended a one room country school where one teacher taught grades one through eight and walked a mile and a half to get there (up hill both ways) as there were no buses. Charles, like his mentor, Mark Twain, has done a little of everything throughout his life. He’s traveled to more than two dozen countries and for many years traveled the U.S. extensively as a Management Systems Engineer (consultant). He now enjoys life on his little farm as he reinvents himself to become a writer.

Administrative Assistant-Porcshe N. Moran,

IMAG0549Porcshe N. Moran, a native of the suburbs of Chicago, is a multimedia lifestyle journalist who provides engaging content for print and online media. She is a full-time freelancer and the sole proprietor of her business, PNM Media. Porcshe is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism. 

Secretary-Joe Polacco


Brooklyn native Joe Polacco attended PS 200, PS 101, and Bensonhurst JHS, completing  his public education at Stuyvesant HS in lower Manhattan. His BS (Cornell, 1966) and PhD (Duke 1971) emphasized Biochemistry, Chemistry and Genetics.  After being an Assistant Professor at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, he entered plant science as a postdoctoral fellow at Brookhaven National Laboratories before becoming a staff geneticist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. In 1979 he joined the Biochemistry Department of the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) where he is now Professor Emeritus. He has taught undergraduate, graduate and medical students, and introduced biotech outreach courses for non-science majors. Polacco, twice a Senior Fulbright Fellow, has extensive international research and teaching experience in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain.  In his field he has written, collectively, more than 100 reviews, opinion pieces, book chapters and peer-reviewed research articles, in addition to co-editing two major monographs.  On the literary side, he has published bilingual poetry (Spanish and English).  “Vina, A Brooklyn Memoir” is his first full-length non-scientific book.

Membership Chair-Anne Gifford

CCMWG submissionAnne has been a writer for years in academic research and curriculum as well as sharing her experiences as an ICU nurse and interfaith hospital chaplain. She’s published in Physician magazine, Fort Worth Star Telegram, and Thanks for the Memories – an Anthology.  Her doctoral dissertation on “Family Reunification and Reentry” is the basis of her current work and writing under a US Dept. of Justice grant in the TX prison system. Now semi-retired, Anne is working on two novels; often deciding which one to tackle depending on the mood or character she is in when she sits down. 

Mentorship Manager-Susan Koenig

Susan Koenig has planned training events for research support personnel for ten years as part of the compliance program at the University of Missouri, School of Medicine. This involved listening to professionals and helping them connect with experts in their fields.

Member at Large-Frank Montagnino

fmonteFrank Montagnino is a retired ad man blown out of New Orleans and into Columbia by Hurricane Katrina. He has two hobbies – golf and writing stories, both of which indicate latent mental problems. Other than hundreds of ads, brochures, and contributions to Trib Talk he has never had anything published. He has, however won a couple of flash fiction events which is apropos because he clearly doesn’t have much of value to say. (P.S. He has been mistaken for George Clooney on occasion.

Member at Large-Lori Younker,

Lori has eLori Younker 2 Low Res w glassesnjoyed writing ever since her 7th grade teacher introduced her to the world of poetry. For two decades, Lori wrote curriculum and short plays for school settings . These days she is expanding her skills into the world of fiction and memoir, producing a short story collection Mongolian Interior which captures her cross-cultural experiences. Many of her stories been published and are contest winners in Missouri anthologies.  Lori has used her Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language in the Graduate School of Missouri University (2010-2014) and currently as an instructor of ELLs in the public schools of Mexico, MO where she teaches children her first love: to read and write.

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Submisson Extension for our annual anthology: Well Versed

An EXTENSION of the submission window has been extended to

JANUARY 31st, 2017

Follow the submission guidelines and address your questions to Charles Tutt at


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Rock Spring Review invites submissions

Here’s a reminder of the Rock Springs Review anthology contest, which includes an opportunity to win prize money and be included in the anthology. The contest seeks works of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Due to the New Year’s holiday, RSR editor Judy Stock has extended the deadline by one day. For complete submission guidelines, e-mail Judy Stock at

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Call for Submissions and amazing Flash Fiction prompt….

Be sure to consider submitting original, previously unpublished essays, poems, stories to our annual anthology, Well Versed 2017.  Deadline is January 15th.

Included in this call for submission is a flash fiction contest. Here’s the prompt for  your poetry and prose for 200 words:

Not so long ago, Missouri was the edge of the American frontier, a jumping off point for European settlers and all the conflict, adventure, suffering and opportunity that came with it. Today we find ourselves on the brink of a new presidency, and most of us have lived through the both discovery, settlement and maybe demise of various frontiers. Whether you were there for the birth of television or the introduction of social media we all know something about frontiers, internal, external, imagined, or theoretical. Human nature seems to be accompanied by inexorable movement toward the unexplored. Bring us your stories of 200 words or less about frontiers of any sort and include the phrase “on the brink” somewhere in your story. All other Well Versed 2017 rules apply to entries. Contest timeline: 1. All entries must be received via email (hard copy is not necessary) no later than January 15, 2017


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Thanks to all of our Guild volunteers and attendees

Dear Guild Friends,

What a wonderful two days of equipping ourselves to be better at our craft, challenged and ready for the professional writing career, and to share our story ideas with others.

Mentors were on hand to mix and mingle with us. Speakers were so generous to eat lunch with us and answer our questions, both large and small ones.

Masterclass is again a success with over 110 attendees. Soon the financial reports will come out, the grant reports will be written and you can find the information right here at our website.

Thank you Sue K, Deb S, Brianna B, Andrea L, Maggie M, Reinhardt S, Porsche M, Cami Wheeler, Peggy Cr, Suzanne P, Nancy B, Ann G, J.P Scott, and all those who put up flyers and shared the event with their contacts.  Together we did it!


Lori Younker


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Show Me Writers Masterclass…5-days to go…

Are you registered for the weekend? Are you pumped up for the event?  You’ll meet with mentors who roam the halls of the Student Center. You’ll find friendly faces around every corner, instructors interested in your writing projects and eager to answer your questions.  Several members have wanted more help with marketing their work and branding themselves…let this be the anecdote!  Bundle price still holds…$160 for EVERYTHING!

(No meeting in November since we are on the MU Campus for the Masterclass event.

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Last Chance for early bird pricing: Sept Guild Meeting

September 11, 2016–2:00 p.m.Meet the Mentors, Show Me Writers Masterclass Panel Discussion,and last chance for early-bird and mentor registration (paper format) for our annual conference. Join the festive environment.  Our panel will not only share their personal writing journeys, but will also participate in a MOCK PITCH FEST (optional) with us.Practice talking about your writing project in a quick synopsis, describing the genre, audience AND receive feedback on our “pitches” from our mentors:

Genevieve Howard:  poetry
Eric Praschan:  fiction
Reinhardt Suarez: YA fiction

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