Jim Coffman, author, tries SHOW not TELL


        Joni trips on the step as she enters Murdock Funeral Home.   She passes Michael Murdock who flashes her a large plastic smile.   Joni does not respond.
        She sees the layout: the casket with Robert is straight ahead, a cluster of people—presumably the family—stands past the casket, and a line is queued to view the body.   Joni joins the line to wait her turn.   Two people turn toward her.   Their expressions, like Joni’s, are blank.

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Distinguised literary author, Marlene Lee, tries her hand at Show not Tell


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” said Joni, laughing loudly enough to be heard by the woman and man sitting on a sofa at the far end of the room. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”  The child smiled broadly so that, when she stopped laughing, they would still notice how happy she was.

Twenty or more children stood in rows on a raised platform at the east end of a long room.  When the front row had undergone adequate scrutiny, as indicated by nods from the woman and man on the sofa, three teachers stepped up onto the stage and directed the children in the front row to return to the back while the second row stepped forward. Wave upon wave, the rows of children rhythmically replaced themselves.

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Emerging author Frank Montagnino delights us with his version of Show and Tell

“If Momma ain’t happy….”

(A really short story by Frank Montagnino)

It was a bleak day; a gray day, the kind of day that if you didn’t have to go to work you’d just pull up the covers and stay in bed.   But you wouldn’t enjoy that either, Joni thought.

She looked out the grimy window of her dreary room at the barren harvested field beyond the motel’s parking lot.  “Empty,” she  muttered to herself.  As empty as her life since Roger had pulled up stakes and left her all alone on the outskirts of this Godforsaken,  down-at-the-heels farm town.

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Urban Fantasy Author, Liz Schulte gives an example of “Show not Tell”

Urban Fantasy Author, Liz Schulte is our first entry in our “Show not Tell” Challenge.  What was the challenge?  Show this:  “Joanie/Joni is really sad.”


The curtains were pulled tight and the wood blinds closed. There was still too much light. Joanie’s feet shuffled across the bedroom floor pushing cold, wet tissues out of the way. With a sniffle, she wiped beneath her nose and knocked away another errant tear with the back of her hand—there seemed to be no end to them. No matter what she did, she couldn’t piece herself back together.

She sank into bed, pulling the plush, warm cover over her head. Finally it was dark enough to remember or forget, but she hadn’t made up her mind which one she’d do yet. Both choices were equally devastating. A shaky breath escaped her tight chest as a new round of tears spilled down her cheeks. 

 She wasn’t just bent, she was broken. 

Columbia Writers Guild PHOTOS 2014

Gerardo Mena, poet, veteran, reads from the heart

Gerardp Mena at our Write Direction Conference 2014
Gerardp Mena at our Write Direction Conference 2014

Several Members are represented in Compass Flower Press new anthology called, Uncertain Promise

Nidhi and Yolanda
Nidhi Khosla with Publisher Yolanda Ciolli







The first meeting of 2015 and a member survey with a promise…

Dear Membership,

  There is a little threat of bad roads…so let’s see how this goes.
Our meeting is scheduled for Sun. Jan 4th at 2:00 p.m at the Unity Ctr.
We’ll enjoy each other’s company and engage in critiques. So bring items to share.  The guidelines are at our website    http://ccmwg.org//
  Also, we are hoping a substantial amount of folks will fill out the members survey.  If you get it filled out by Jan 31st, and we get 60% or more our members to respond, I will dress up in some retro-clothes to lead the meeting in February…very romantic, I promise,….at least nostalgic.
  Just type an X on the lines of the items that apply to you.  send it back by naming the file a funny name like….”This is it”   or “You asked for it.” and email to this email address…..    guildchallenge@aol.com.
  That way we won’t count anything twice.  It will be hard to keep it completely private, but believe me, we aren’t asking you anything too personal.  I tried Survey Monkey but I couldn’t get the hang of it….So here it is attached!
Warmly, Lori Younker
CCMWG 2015 President