Call for Submissions and amazing Flash Fiction prompt….

Be sure to consider submitting original, previously unpublished essays, poems, stories to our annual anthology, Well Versed 2017.  Deadline is January 15th.

Included in this call for submission is a flash fiction contest. Here’s the prompt for  your poetry and prose for 200 words:

Not so long ago, Missouri was the edge of the American frontier, a jumping off point for European settlers and all the conflict, adventure, suffering and opportunity that came with it. Today we find ourselves on the brink of a new presidency, and most of us have lived through the both discovery, settlement and maybe demise of various frontiers. Whether you were there for the birth of television or the introduction of social media we all know something about frontiers, internal, external, imagined, or theoretical. Human nature seems to be accompanied by inexorable movement toward the unexplored. Bring us your stories of 200 words or less about frontiers of any sort and include the phrase “on the brink” somewhere in your story. All other Well Versed 2017 rules apply to entries. Contest timeline: 1. All entries must be received via email (hard copy is not necessary) no later than January 15, 2017


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