Saturday, November 5th-6th, 2016

MASTERCLASS is our yearly education event presented by the Columbia Writers Guild on the MU CAMPUS in partnership with Mizzou Publishing.

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Saturday emphasis on the CRAFT , Saturday evening and Sunday emphasis on Marketing, Social Media and finding readership.  Watch for Early Bird Package Price.

Again, we will run FOUR TRACKS of Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Poetry and Screenwriting/Playwriting. In addition, the mentorship program is available on a first come-first served basis.


Masterclass provides a vibrant learning experience for writers of mid-Missouri. The two-day event (Nov 5 – 6) is open to artisans of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. From performance artists to written-word enthusiasts, Masterclass is an exciting enterprise, and its goal is to provide support and education to those interested in the literary arts.

Our guild mission statement:

“To nurture authors through networking, education and support ‐ Encouraging them to work toward their creative goals.”

Masterclass brings instructors who are well-known in their field for developing professional writers. Normally, these experts are only available to students in Master of Fine Arts programs.  By pooling resources, we are able to bring such quality experts to Columbia, MO.

We are proud to present Chuck Sambuchino, prolific author and marketing expert of Writers’ Digest fame, who will provide our attendees with a crash course on the Business of Writing, Marketing, and tools of the trade, all of which would normally cost $300-500 per person.

Besides Chuck Sambuchino, we offer Cole Closser, a visual  and graphics artist, who will inspire our participants in the Visual Arts. We feel his presence will draw the youth of our city.

Masterclass is divided into four TRACKS:  Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, Poetry, and Play/Screenwriting.  Each of these tracks includes three sessions: developing our CRAFT, EDITING, and MARKETING. For the most part, our speakers come from Midwest institutions of higher learning or are well-respected for their multi-dimensional approach to the writing career and are exceptional writers, teachers, and entrepreneurs.

MARY BUCKHAM brings her expertise to Masterclass as a workshop leader of ACTIVE SETTING. Mary is a USA Today best-selling author of urban fantasy, young adult, and romantic suspense novels, as well as nonfiction writing craft books. Her latest book for writers, A Writer’s Guide to Active Setting, was published in January, 2016 by Writer’s Digest Books.

MARCUS WICKER brings his expertise to Masterclass as a workshop leader and assistant professor of English at University of Southern Indiana and poetry editor of Southern Indiana Review. He brings the voice of diversity as poet as well as professor.

TIM VANDEHEY brings his expertise as a ghost writer who has helped dozens of writers with their nonfiction projects. Tim has helped a broad spectrum of topics:  survival stories, how-to texts, inspirational, and tongue-in-cheek books, and more.

High School students are welcome to all of Saturday’s lineup at the junior admission price of $30, which includes Saturday admission, lunch, the Junior Mentorship program and Columbia Writers Guild membership.  LIMITED SEATING:  Register now.

Also, related to the Tracks, we offer a MENTORSHIP PROGRAM that invites authors at all levels to submit their work to a qualified author to receive a written critique and a one-on-one, 30-minute session. Appointments are kept throughout the weekend (mainly Saturday) and ALL attendees have access to the mentors at Round Table Discussions.

One of the unique features of our Track system is the personal attention and interactive quality of our classes.  The participant is able to ask questions, receive feedback, and meet one-on-one with our speakers and mentors multiple times throughout the weekend.  It is this personalized attention that appeal to the authors of our area.

Lunch for both Saturday and Sunday is provided by the MU STUDENT CENTER DINING SERVICES. The Mizzou Store will offer several book-signing opportunities from a wide range of authors throughout the store to bring in the public throughout the weekend to meet authors and to purchase books at discount.

The SOCIAL HOUR will be followed by a special  training  through the evening hours on the topic of Social Networking. This training on using SOCIAL MEDIA is available for those who purchase this portion of the weekend’s lineup.

Sunday is another full day option for our participants, which is heavy on “the practical side”–as we engage in a discussion on publishing options and learn how to query agents and pitch our work.  Our Four Tracks pick up again with the theme of MARKETING to specific audiences, a PANEL DISCUSSION, and a unique opportunity to hear from a TOR REPRESENTATIVE.

Masterclass’ two-day event finishes out on Sunday with a Pitch-Fest, in which authors can pitch their projects to several literary agents. Watch for more information at

By far, the venue of MU is an unimaginable opportunity for Mid-Missouri writers to experience the FACILITIES of Missouri University. Last year, several of our attendees admitted that they had never set foot on the MU Campus! Thus, we are so pleased to offer this warm and elegant atmosphere of the Student Center and other meeting rooms on campus to our constituents.

Finally, we encourage our attendees to participate in every part of our event by bundling our Saturday and Sunday offerings, giving every attendee a year’s free membership to Columbia Writers Guild and all that it offers, a chance to participate in the Mentorship Program and to make use of hotel lodging here in Columbia (i.e. secured to date: Broadway Hotel and Hampton Inn).

Do you think you have a story to tell? Join us at Show Me Writers Masterclass and we’ll show you how it’s done!



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