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Congratulations to all!

Flash Fiction      

1st       Life Lines by Karen Mocker Dabson
2nd      Marvin by Adria Waters
3rd      Fortune Cookie by Terry Allen
Judge’s Choice    So You Want To Be In The Moo-vies by Marcia Gaye

Going Postal by Deb Sutton
Hush by Liz Schulte


1st       The Christmas Adventure by C.A. Simonson
2nd      In Vino Veritas by Donna Volkenannt
3rd      The Addict and Me by Kayla Nilges
Judges choice    My Little Girl by Jimmy Capps

 Ah, Kinder! by Donna Volkenannt
Shake the Sheets by Hope Longview
The LIEUTENANT COMANDER and Me by Jimmy Capps
Magic Hours by Judy Stock
Morning by Kayla Nilges
Haircuts by Candlelight by Lori Younker
What Have I Done? by Marcia Gaye
Farm Girl With Super Powers  by Mary Rechenberg
The Gift of Leaves by Rexanna Ipock-Brown
The Dolphin’s Dance by Sheree Nielsen


1st       A Cast of Thousands by Peggy Crawford
2nd      Steadfast by Sheree Nielsen
3rd      Where the Bodies Are Buried  by Terry Allen
Judges choice     Room 187   by Adria Waters

The Pair by Andrew Twaddle
Dark Night by Carol Buening
Erato   by Frank Montagnino
Astonished by Gail Denham
Cruel by Hope Longview
Fairy Wings by  Hope Longview
Hume by James Coffman
Falumping in Southern Michigan by James Coffman
Message in a Pie by Judy Stock
She Said Yes by Larry Allen
The Knee Pinch by Larry Allen
Never Say Never to a Four-Year Old by Marcia Gaye
Ireland  by Marcia Gaye
An Ocean Haiku by Marcia Gaye
Road Art by Martin Turner
Wedding Announcement by Nancy Jo Cegla
Deceptions by Peggy Crawford
Memento Mori by Peggy Crawford
Star Gazing by Sheree Nielsen
On the Windswept Plains of 1879 by  Terry Allen
On the Way to Mount Olympus by Terry Allen



1st       The Parting Gift by Marcia Gaye
2nd      Beating Boredom by Liz Davis
3rd      Mary Ashford by Mike Trial
Judge’s choice Revenge by Retriever by Sylvia Forbes

Imagination by Anita Crews
Not the Rose You’re Looking For by Deb Sutton
The Caddy by Frank Montagnino
Leaving Home by Gail Denham
Recent Return by Hope Longview
The Girl With the Snake Tattoo by Jessica Ballard
MO-MO and the Spaceman by Jimmy Capps
Destination Retirement by Karen Guccione-Englert
The Wrath of Ambrosia by Karen Mocker Dabson
Robbery Protocol by Kit Salter
The Speeder by Liz Davis
Death’s Aftermath by Marlene Lee
Her Dream by Nancy Jo Cegla
Chesapeake Bay Capers by Phylis Warady
My First Deer, and My Last by Stephen Archer

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