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April 12th GENRE Round Table Event—Please join

re are the leaders and locations for the April 12th 2:00 pm GENRE Round Table Event in lieu of our normal meeting in the month of April.  I hope many jump in at the last minute and attend the discussion groups!  These are all in Columbia.

 Romance Writers:
Rexanna’s home (573-289-7265) at 4307 Champlain Court, Columbia

Short Works:
Suzanne Pautler (573-356-7016) is the leader at a table in the cafeteria at HyVee on Nifong.


Larry Allen is the leader at Peg Crawford’s home at 555 N. Murray Lane, just 4.6 m up Route E/Stadium  to find out the DIRECTIONS to her home due to bridge construction….email peg at

Marlene Lee (212-316-0434)  Margaret Maginness, Carrie Koepke invite you to join them at a table in the cafeteria at HyVee on Nifong also

 Young Adult/Children’s:
Deb Crews (573-356-4403) is the leader at 2910 Bluff Creek Drive, Tiger Place, Classroom near the Entrance, Columbia 



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