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Sustaining Mood with our Sept Speaker: Scott Dalrymple

Sustaining Mood via Fantasy & Science Fiction

Scott pic outside (1)Join us for a stimulating afternoon
Sunday, Sept 13th, 2:00 pm at Unity Center

I enjoy stories that sustain a certain mood; fantasy and science fiction allow the exploration of some particularly interesting moods. I tend to craft and revise sentences until the sound, and the mood, are just right.  I often choose words simply because they have the right mouth-feel.  I care about the cadence of sentences, often down to the exact number of syllables.  It’s not at all scientific; it’s about what sounds right to me.  This technique can be used to create a humorous mood (see “An Open Letter to Earth,” which appeared in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction), a creepy one (see “Enfant Terrible,” also in F&SF), or a growing sense of dread (see “Queen of the Kanguellas,” winner of the 2010 Readers Choice Award from Realms of Fantasy).  The demands of my day job don’t allow me much time for writing— I’m President of Columbia College— but that means when I do write, I want to create something highly polished.  I consider myself very much a student of writing rather than a teacher, though I have taught fantasy and science fiction writing before. I’m a voting member of the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, and I’ve had the good fortune to get to know some truly great authors
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Genre Groups with the new director of Quarry Heights at our Sun Aug 2nd Guild meeting

Enjoy time spent with writers who aspire gravitate toward a particular genre in common with you! Gordon Sauer  from Quarry Heights Writing Workshop will join us as a min-speaker and facilitator for our discussion.  Unlike April’s genre meet-ups, we will meet right at our regular meeting place of Unity Church.

Gordon Sauer-photoGordon Sauer earned his MFA in fiction from Columbia University, where he was a Teaching Fellow. His fiction has appeared in Narrative Magazine and his nonfiction in Columbia College Today. While living in New York City, Gordon interned at The New Yorker, worked as a freelance writer for Columbia College Today, and was on the board of Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art. He’s been a resident on scholarship at the Vermont Studio Center and has been teaching creative writing for the past five years. Currently, Gordon is an Assistant Teaching Professor of English at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

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Colin Wright agrees to be our KEYNOTE


Show Me Writers: Masterclass
Conference 2015

Afternoon Keynote:   Colin Wright

colin_wright head 15The Asymmetric Author

An introduction to the modern publishing ecosystem and how to approach it, the role of experimentation and technology in reaching one’s audience, and the rise of the authorpreneur.

 See his work at

Colin_Wright_active 15BIO   Colin Wright is a 30-year-old author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler.

For over six years he’s moved to a new country every four months based on the votes of his readers. He supports his travel habit by writing and selling books through a publishing company he co-founded, Asymmetrical Press.

His blog, Exile Lifestyle, brings in over two millions readers a year, and he’s written over thirty books in genres ranging from science fiction to philosophy, short fiction collections about death to compilations of travel stories from his time on the road.

Colin has given two TEDx talks, has keynoted for major tech industry events, regularly speaks about intentional and nonstandard lifestyle choices at conferences and schools worldwide, and goes on book tours more often than any sane person would.

Colin grew up in Columbia, Missouri, and went to school at Missouri State University in Springfield.

his  blog:
publishing company:

Social media links:


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Another one of our own speaks at Osher Saturday Book Talk

Please consider attending Osher Saturday Book Talk on August 1st with one of member/authors Steve Weinberg as he shares about his writing career.

Where: Room D, 1907 Hillcrest Drive.
Details:  begin to gather for coffee (part of the $3 admission) and pastry (for sale) about 9:30 a.m. The introduction begins about 9:50. I’ll talk and take questions for an hour starting at 10.


—-Steve We

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Registration is now open for Show Me Writers: MASTERCLASS

Our writers’ Conference for 2015 will be held at Missouri University at the Student Center in partnership with Mizzou Publishing. Save the date for Saturday, November 7 th from  8:30 to 4:30 pm, and register now to attend one of the four Tracks:  Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, or Playwriting/Screenwriting. 


Registration can be completed by both paper and online methods.

We are using Eventbrite to complete the purchase as a “ticket.”  If you choose this method be sure you also fill out the registration form as well.  Be thinking about whether you want to take advantage of the mentorship with written critiques for a sample of your work and/or a one-on-one 30 minute visit with a mentor for a specific track.

Quick Link to Registration


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We Launch our annual anthology this Sunday, June 7th

2015 cover photo tentativeThis Sunday is the Well Versed launch party from 2-4 at Unity Church. We hope to see you there. 

Certificates and prize money will be awarded. We will have light snacks and the contributors will have the opportunity to read some of their work aloud (please keep selections to five minutes or less so everyone will have time to share if they choose to do so). And there will be time for mingling and book signing.

It will be a fun afternoon celebrating doing what we love. Please let me know if you have any questions.   —Liz

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Thank you, SPONSORS!

Much Thanks to our dedicated SPONSORS who have subsidized the publication of our yearly anthology:

Rock Springs Review, Judy Stock

Compass Flower Press, Yolanda Ciolli

Mozark Press, Linda Fisher


Columbia Tribune

Two Mules Editing, Von Pittman
2015 cover photo tentative
Cost of the Cover, Liz Schulte

Robyn Byers

Marlene Lee


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Congratulations to all!

Flash Fiction      

1st       Life Lines by Karen Mocker Dabson
2nd      Marvin by Adria Waters
3rd      Fortune Cookie by Terry Allen
Judge’s Choice    So You Want To Be In The Moo-vies by Marcia Gaye

Going Postal by Deb Sutton
Hush by Liz Schulte


1st       The Christmas Adventure by C.A. Simonson
2nd      In Vino Veritas by Donna Volkenannt
3rd      The Addict and Me by Kayla Nilges
Judges choice    My Little Girl by Jimmy Capps

 Ah, Kinder! by Donna Volkenannt
Shake the Sheets by Hope Longview
The LIEUTENANT COMANDER and Me by Jimmy Capps
Magic Hours by Judy Stock
Morning by Kayla Nilges
Haircuts by Candlelight by Lori Younker
What Have I Done? by Marcia Gaye
Farm Girl With Super Powers  by Mary Rechenberg
The Gift of Leaves by Rexanna Ipock-Brown
The Dolphin’s Dance by Sheree Nielsen


1st       A Cast of Thousands by Peggy Crawford
2nd      Steadfast by Sheree Nielsen
3rd      Where the Bodies Are Buried  by Terry Allen
Judges choice     Room 187   by Adria Waters

The Pair by Andrew Twaddle
Dark Night by Carol Buening
Erato   by Frank Montagnino
Astonished by Gail Denham
Cruel by Hope Longview
Fairy Wings by  Hope Longview
Hume by James Coffman
Falumping in Southern Michigan by James Coffman
Message in a Pie by Judy Stock
She Said Yes by Larry Allen
The Knee Pinch by Larry Allen
Never Say Never to a Four-Year Old by Marcia Gaye
Ireland  by Marcia Gaye
An Ocean Haiku by Marcia Gaye
Road Art by Martin Turner
Wedding Announcement by Nancy Jo Cegla
Deceptions by Peggy Crawford
Memento Mori by Peggy Crawford
Star Gazing by Sheree Nielsen
On the Windswept Plains of 1879 by  Terry Allen
On the Way to Mount Olympus by Terry Allen



1st       The Parting Gift by Marcia Gaye
2nd      Beating Boredom by Liz Davis
3rd      Mary Ashford by Mike Trial
Judge’s choice Revenge by Retriever by Sylvia Forbes

Imagination by Anita Crews
Not the Rose You’re Looking For by Deb Sutton
The Caddy by Frank Montagnino
Leaving Home by Gail Denham
Recent Return by Hope Longview
The Girl With the Snake Tattoo by Jessica Ballard
MO-MO and the Spaceman by Jimmy Capps
Destination Retirement by Karen Guccione-Englert
The Wrath of Ambrosia by Karen Mocker Dabson
Robbery Protocol by Kit Salter
The Speeder by Liz Davis
Death’s Aftermath by Marlene Lee
Her Dream by Nancy Jo Cegla
Chesapeake Bay Capers by Phylis Warady
My First Deer, and My Last by Stephen Archer

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April 12th GENRE Round Table Event—Please join

re are the leaders and locations for the April 12th 2:00 pm GENRE Round Table Event in lieu of our normal meeting in the month of April.  I hope many jump in at the last minute and attend the discussion groups!  These are all in Columbia.

 Romance Writers:
Rexanna’s home (573-289-7265) at 4307 Champlain Court, Columbia

Short Works:
Suzanne Pautler (573-356-7016) is the leader at a table in the cafeteria at HyVee on Nifong.


Larry Allen is the leader at Peg Crawford’s home at 555 N. Murray Lane, just 4.6 m up Route E/Stadium  to find out the DIRECTIONS to her home due to bridge construction….email peg at

Marlene Lee (212-316-0434)  Margaret Maginness, Carrie Koepke invite you to join them at a table in the cafeteria at HyVee on Nifong also

 Young Adult/Children’s:
Deb Crews (573-356-4403) is the leader at 2910 Bluff Creek Drive, Tiger Place, Classroom near the Entrance, Columbia