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don’t be afraid of submissions

Dear fellow writers,

Don’t be afraid of the submission process for our Well-Versed.  I’ll attach a few sample items here in this posting, and we’ll demonstrate on the projector/screen at our upcoming meeting on Sunday as to the finer points of submitting!


Lori Younker COVER SHEET Lori Younker 10.24.14

Poetry picure perfect 10.14 to Well Versed

Noah excerpt for Well.Versed 10.2013

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Write, edit, tweak, critique…

Dear Members,

We are open to submissons for the 2015 Well Versed anthology!

Write, share with friends, edit, tweak and follow the guidelines carefully in order to be included in our wonderful publication!

Liz Schulte is our editor.  Watch for correspondance from her.  Direct your quesions in her direction at

Newest Flash Fiction Photo included here:



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October Meeting

October Meeting is a fellowship of WORKERS as we meet to work out details related to the our Write Direction Conference to be held Saturday, October 18th

Writing in Shadows and Fog
Terry Allen (Keynote Address)

The French named it “film noir” or “black film”.  The style was a kind of tone poem, a poem of complexity, ambiguity and style.  Great writers of classic noir had to work within the production code and figure out subtle ways of conveying all the sexuality, greed and lust of a dark world through innuendo, double entendre, nuance and humor.  Even today, there’s something special going on in noir and there’s a lot to learn from the masters of darkness and light.