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We launch Sunday June 1st!

Dear Membership,

FrontCoverSamplev4small (2)2014

Our 2014 Well-Versed publication is ready to launch.  Thanks to Linda Fisher who makes us look good in print, we will have copies of our writing in our hands on Sunday, June 1st 2:00 pm.  We will forego a typical meeting and go straight into awards and readings from any contributors who want to read aloud.  Just come, sign up on the list and we’ll call you up to read.  You my have a friend read your items as well.  Try to keep your readings to 5 minutes each.  (It’s hard to do!)

We also need volunteers to bring refreshmetns and beverages.
Please find the flyer here!

Launch of Well Versed 2014 FLYER


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NEXT MEETING: Sun. May 4th 2:00 pm

Everything You Want To Know About Self-Publishing
Liz Schulte

Thinking about self-publishing, but don’t know where to start or what to expect? Have you already self-published, but aren’t sure what to do to take your books to the next level? Join Liz Schulte for a self-publishing Q&A. She will answer any and every question she can about self-publishing for you. Liz is a full-time self-published author. She will be on a panel title “How to quietly make six figures self-publishing” at this year’s Romance Writers of America national conference and presenting a session at the Florida Romance Writers annual conference in 2015.

Bio: Liz Schulte is a self-published author in mystery and paranormal romance with eleven novels, one short story, one box set, and has been in five anthologies. She is a member of RWA and her local chapters in Missouri, the Missouri Writer’s Guild, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers of America. Though success in publishing didn’t happen overnight, like she envisioned it would, the journey has been worth the trials along the way. Liz became a self-supported full time author in 2013 and wouldn’t trade her hard begotten knowledge or the wonderful friends she has made along the way for anything.

Liz has a degree in psychology from the University of Missouri and a minor in philosophy. She has taken numerous forensic and writing classes and attended several symposiums on writing. She believes that with any craft, you should constantly work on honing your skills and improving your output.

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Next Meeting, Sun. April 6th 2:00 p.m.


 Between our business meeting and our critique groups… we will have something special:
In a twenty-minute book talk, member Carolyn Mulford will outline the step-by-step process followed by traditional publishers, explain the difference between developmental and copy editing, and highlight the common division of labor between authors and publishers. Carolyn has written novels and nonfiction books published by national, regional, and special-interest publishers. She will read short excerpts from her latest book, Show Me the Deadly Deer (Five Star/Gale, Cengage).

If you don’t have items to have critiques we still hope you will participate by adding your reading perspective to the group you attend. Also, we will have one creative writing -on-the-spot table going as well. See the  for critique guidelines under the “Meetings” tab.

Hope to see you Sunday, April 6th at the Unity Center. Lori Younker 2014 Pres CCMWG