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Critique 9000 Returns

Dear CCMWG Members:
It is time again for our Critique 9000! This critique group will meet 3 times. Once each month in January, February, and March. You can bring up to 9,000 words to critique each time. That gives you the potential to have 27,000 words critiqued. You do not have to participate each month. There is a small fee of $5 each month you wish to attend. The time and place will be determined once we have an idea of how many people are interested. Please let us know if you are interested in participating this year. Send email inquiries to Deb Sutton at if interested.
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Get Your Work Heard With These Reading Opportunities

Attention all CCMWG Members:

Are you looking for an opportunity to read your work? Have a new poem or story you can’t wait to share? Sign up for one of two guild readings at local bookstores located in Columbia.

Sign up by January 2 to read at Skylark Bookshop on January 9, 2019. This reading opportunity accepts all genres.

Want to stick with poetry? Sign up by March 28 to read at Yellow Dog Book Store on April 4, 2019. Please do keep in mind this date is for poetry only.

Do we have your attention? Great! Send your sign up information or inquiries to Include your full name, the date you are signing up for, your contact phone number, and email address.

Signing up early is vital so we can include all readers in publicity materials. Also, if you have a published book, you may sell it during the reading in the bookshop inventory.

Enjoy this terrific opportunity brought to you by your local bookstores and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers’ Guild.


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Well Versed 2019 Submissions



Well Versed 2019 is now accepting submissions in the fiction, non-fiction and poetry genres! We are looking forward to reading your submissions! Please read below for important information regarding submission guidelines and rules.


We are looking for stories, essays and poems that bring subjects to life with well-developed characters, compelling voices, and carefully chosen details.


All entries must be received via the 2019 Well Versed Submission Form by 11:59 CST on January 31, 2019. You will need to use a Google account to fill out the form. You can create a free account here.


Entry Fees for members are included with paid membership. For nonmembers, entries are priced below. Nonmembers can visit to pay by PayPal or Credit Card.

  • Each prose (fiction/non-fiction) entry = $15 (max of 2)
  • Poetry bundle (3 poems) entry = $15 (max of 1)

General Guidelines

  1. DO NOT put your name or contact information on your document/manuscript. Failure to follow this rule will disqualify your submission.
  2. Submissions that demean people or groups of people based on appearance, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, practices, politics or any other category or generalization will be disqualified.
  3. Submissions that include graphic or gratuitous violence/sexual content will be disqualified.
  4. Please proofread your work. Consider finding a professional editor to help you.

Prose (Fiction/Non-Fiction) Guidelines

  1. Prose (fiction/non-fiction) categories are limited to 2 submissions per person.
  2. Maximum length of submissions is 2000 words.

Poetry Guidelines

  1. Poetry is limited to 3 submissions per person.
  2. Poetry may be in any style.
  3. Poems are limited to 50 lines.
  4. Lines should be single-spaced, with a double-space between verses.

For additional information about the judging process and awards, please visit the CWG website. If you have questions, please email us.



Drew Robinson

Editor, Well Versed 2019



Copyright © 2018 Columbia Chapter of The Missouri Writers Guild, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this because you are a current member, past member, participated in one of our events, or you opted in from our website.

Our mailing address is:

Columbia Chapter of The Missouri Writers Guild

P. O. Box 7628

ColumbiaMO 65205-7628

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Well Versed 2018 Pre-Order Mail-In form

Please use this form for pre-orders paid by check or requiring your books be shipped. Member Authors: you already get one copy. This is for additional copies and non-member or non-contributor orders.

This form is for books to be picked up at the June 10, 2018 CCMWG meeting or to be shipped to your house.

If you do not pre-order, you may order books from for $11.00 each, plus shipping and handling.

Pre-ordered books will be distributed at the June 10, 2018 CCMWG meeting Book Launch. If you want your books shipped to you, please add $3.50 for the first book and $1.50 for each additional book, and fill in the shipping line.

You can email the completed form back to WellVersed2018@gmailcom or send it snail mail to: CCMWG, P.O. Box 7628, Columbia, MO 65205-7628

If you’re not shipping, you can pay by credit card here:

Well Versed 2018 Pre-Order Form

_____Copies of Well Versed 2018 @ $11.00 each = $_______________

                            Shipping First Copy $ 3.50

Shippig ____ additional copies @ $1.50 =        $ _______________

My check is enclosed for Total…………………………………………..$_______________


Name: _______________________________________________________

Street Address: _________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________

Please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. We anticipate books will be available for pickup at the June 10, 2018 CCMWG Meeting.

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Exposition and Point of View

ShowMe Writers Masterclass and the Columbia Chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild PRESENT…

The first in our Masterclass Minis series—a workshop led by Meghan Pinson from My Two Cents Editing.

Meghan will be focusing on Exposition and Point of View. She will provide you direction on how to Show, Don’t Tell in your writing and how to be able to identify weak areas in the story.

Also to be discussed will be Point of View and learning about the various perspectives of your characters.

Registration is $25.00

(space is limited so be sure to register early)

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Well Versed 2018 Rules and Submission Guidelines

Well Versed 2018 Rules and Submission Guidelines

The Columbia Writers’ Guild invites writers to submit fiction, nonfiction and poetry pieces for publication in our annual publication, Well Versed.

We accept submissions from any genre, but submissions should not contain pornography, graphic violence, explicit or gratuitous sex, or scatological content.

Any commentary on politics or religion should be civil.

Submissions that demean people or groups of people based on appearance, gender, sexual orientation, beliefs, practices or politics will be disqualified. We believe the pen is mightier than the sword, and we do not wish to enable the application of hurtful or destructive words.

We do want stories, essays and poems that bring subjects to life with well-developed characters, compelling voices, and carefully chosen details.

We strongly encourage writers to have their work edited by a professional that has not had prior knowledge of the writing. We believe that editing done right is both a learning opportunity for the writer and results in a polished piece that has better chances of publication.

We strongly encourage new and unpublished writers to submit. As a guild we are dedicated to the development of new and seasoned writers.

Contest timeline:

All entries must be received via email (hard copy is not necessary) no later than January 31, 201.

Selected manuscripts and category winners will be announced on APRIL 9th, 2018 via email and website

If selected, ALL entry changes must be received by April 16th, 2018 (including name changes or biography changes). **Changes will not be accepted after that date.

Well Versed 2018 will be released on JUNE 3rd, 2018

Entry fees for members are included with paid membership.

Nonmember entries:

Prose $15.00 each – 3 maximum,

1 bundle of up to 3 Poems $15.00

Use the links below to pay for your submissions or enclose your name, mailing address, phone, email and entry title(s) and categories as shown below, attach check, and mail to
CCMWG, P.O. Box 7628, Columbia, MO 65205-7628



Submissions are judged in an anonymous, two-tier process. A panel of Guild members reviews the submissions and selects which submissions will be included in the book and identifies the finalists that will be sent to our second round ‘independent’ judges.

Members only review submissions for categories that they haven’t entered themselves. Our independent judges are professional editors, publishers and writers.

The editors may be on the review committees and also make final decisions on the application of the contest rules and the content included in the book.


All contributors receive a copy of the book and a payment of $1.00.

For a list of winners, check CCMWG website after April 9th, 2018. Winners will also be announced in the CCMWG newsletter and at the CCMWG meeting.

Poetry, Fiction and Nonfiction Category Winners:

    • 1st Place $50
    • 2nd Place $30
    • 3rd Place $20

Flash Fiction (closed):

The winning entries, and honorable mentions from our summer contest will be included in Well Versed 2018.  Overall, first second and third places will be selected from this group.

  • 1st Place
  • 2nd Place
  • “Judge’s Pick”

Submission requirements:

  1. Entries must be unpublished at the time of submission
  2. Entries must be the original work of the entrant
  3. The language in entries should be suitable for a general audience and not offensive.
  4. No entries containing pornography, graphic violence, explicit or gratuitous sex, and scatological content will be accepted. (Please keep all submissions PG)
  5. This contest is open to all writers. Entrants are not required to be CCMWG members.
  6. Fees: There are no fees for CCMWG members to submit entries. Members may enter up to two prose entries and three poetry entries.
  7. Nonmembers is $15 per prose entry and $15 for up to three poems. Checks should be payable to CCMWG, P.O. Box 7628, Columbia, MO 65205-7628
  8. All individuals are limited to two prose and three poetry entries. Entrants may join CCMWG for dues of $25 for one year. Checks should be payable to CCMWG.
  9. CCMWG assumes no responsibility for misdirected entries.

Individual Category Guidelines:

  1. Poems need to be submitted in both a .PDF file (to show desired formatting) and a .DOC file.
  2. Poetry may be any style.
  3. Poetry may address any subject (except explicit content as noted above).
  4. Poems are limited to 50 lines.
  5. Entrants are limited to three poems.
  6. Each poem must be submitted as a separate file.
  7. Lines should be single-spaced, with a double-space between verses.
  8. Please note: A line width in the book is approximately 4.3 inches. If a line of your poem is wider than 4.3 inches in a 12 point font, it will be wrapped to the next line and may not appear as you expect.
Prose (Fiction and Nonfiction)
  1. Entrants are limited to a total of three pieces whether fiction, flash fiction or nonfiction.
  2. Prose will be limited to 2000 words; manuscripts over 2000 words will be not be considered.
  3. Stories may be on any subject (except explicit content as noted above).

By submitting to Well Versed 2018, you give permission for your story to be published unless you submit a withdrawal, in writing, by March 31, 2018. CCMWG purchases first rights. If your submission is chosen, payment upon publication is one copy of the issue in which the work appears, plus $1.00 per piece accepted.

Submission formatting (incorrect entries will be returned):

Each submission should be prepared and submitted as two separate documents/files.

The first document is a cover page that includes the title of the submission, word count, author’s name, mailing address, email address, phone number, and a short author bio to be included in the book. The author bio should be written in third person.

The other document should contain the body of the manuscript with the title of work and page numbers included in the header or footer of each page. DO NOT INCLUDE THE AUTHOR’S NAME ANYWHERE IN THIS DOCUMENT.  This document should be double spaced, 12 point font in Times or Times New Roman

Email your entries as follows:

Send email to

Email subject line: Your Last Name, Categories you are entering, for example: Schulte, Fiction and Flash Fiction.

Email body: Well Versed 2018 submissions attached. List the title of your submissions and the intended category. (Do not copy and paste submissions into the body of the email or they will be returned.)

Attach each manuscript and its separate cover page to the email as a separate document.

The only file formats accepted are .DOC, .DOCX and .RTF.

Document titles should read TITLE(dot)CATEGORY.
For example: If my manuscript is titled Clean Slate and I want to submit it into the Fiction category it would look like this when I save the file

Poetry Bundle 3

$15.00Add to cart

Prose per Each

$15.00Add to cart


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Welcome to the New Officers for 2017

Welcome to our new president and board members for 2017! As we start a new year, remember our motto:  Nurturing Writers…that’s what we do.


President-Deb Sutton

DebSuttonDeb Sutton wrote her first book while in high school and promptly experienced her first rejection. Her school librarian, Mr. D, told her—kindly—that it lacked originality. This motivated her to not only learn the craft but to expand her horizons. She is a self-published author of the novel, Broken Sidewalks, and has several entries in the Well Versed 2015 Anthology. Her screenplay of Broken Sidewalks won Honorable Mention in the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition. Deb is a veteran of the Air Force and has a degree in psychology from Truman University and an MSW from the University of Missouri. She’s currently a social worker for the Children’s Division and is involved in her local United Methodist Church.

Vice President/Well Versed Co-Editor-Maggie Maginness 

Maggieand Mikey Mule
Maggie Maginness’s top interests are ecology, education, fiction and animals (horses in particular). She has master’s degrees in Journalism and Environmental Education. She applies her combined interests in science and communication to writing about science. Her published writing includes science news stories, but she hopes to soon add a novel with an ecology backbone to her list of accomplishments. When she’s not working at Alan Meyer Law, riding her horses or hanging with her family, you can find her writing, editing, researching, and brainstorming, working to put science into fiction that isn’t science fiction.

Treasurer/Well Versed Co-Editor-Charles Tutt

Charles Tutt

Charles was born 13 days before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor sweeping America into WWII. His early years witnessed rationing and scarcity as America put everything it had into the war effort. His family, though they didn’t have electricity or indoor plumbing, were more fortunate than most because they were farmers and enjoyed plenty of good food (and it shows on him to this day). Charles attended a one room country school where one teacher taught grades one through eight and walked a mile and a half to get there (up hill both ways) as there were no buses. Charles, like his mentor, Mark Twain, has done a little of everything throughout his life. He’s traveled to more than two dozen countries and for many years traveled the U.S. extensively as a Management Systems Engineer (consultant). He now enjoys life on his little farm as he reinvents himself to become a writer.

Administrative Assistant-Porcshe N. Moran,

IMAG0549Porcshe N. Moran, a native of the suburbs of Chicago, is a multimedia lifestyle journalist who provides engaging content for print and online media. She is a full-time freelancer and the sole proprietor of her business, PNM Media. Porcshe is a graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism. 

Secretary-Joe Polacco


Brooklyn native Joe Polacco attended PS 200, PS 101, and Bensonhurst JHS, completing  his public education at Stuyvesant HS in lower Manhattan. His BS (Cornell, 1966) and PhD (Duke 1971) emphasized Biochemistry, Chemistry and Genetics.  After being an Assistant Professor at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia, he entered plant science as a postdoctoral fellow at Brookhaven National Laboratories before becoming a staff geneticist at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. In 1979 he joined the Biochemistry Department of the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU) where he is now Professor Emeritus. He has taught undergraduate, graduate and medical students, and introduced biotech outreach courses for non-science majors. Polacco, twice a Senior Fulbright Fellow, has extensive international research and teaching experience in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Spain.  In his field he has written, collectively, more than 100 reviews, opinion pieces, book chapters and peer-reviewed research articles, in addition to co-editing two major monographs.  On the literary side, he has published bilingual poetry (Spanish and English).  “Vina, A Brooklyn Memoir” is his first full-length non-scientific book.

Membership Chair-Anne Gifford

CCMWG submissionAnne has been a writer for years in academic research and curriculum as well as sharing her experiences as an ICU nurse and interfaith hospital chaplain. She’s published in Physician magazine, Fort Worth Star Telegram, and Thanks for the Memories – an Anthology.  Her doctoral dissertation on “Family Reunification and Reentry” is the basis of her current work and writing under a US Dept. of Justice grant in the TX prison system. Now semi-retired, Anne is working on two novels; often deciding which one to tackle depending on the mood or character she is in when she sits down. 

Mentorship Manager-Susan Koenig

Susan Koenig has planned training events for research support personnel for ten years as part of the compliance program at the University of Missouri, School of Medicine. This involved listening to professionals and helping them connect with experts in their fields.

Member at Large-Frank Montagnino

fmonteFrank Montagnino is a retired ad man blown out of New Orleans and into Columbia by Hurricane Katrina. He has two hobbies – golf and writing stories, both of which indicate latent mental problems. Other than hundreds of ads, brochures, and contributions to Trib Talk he has never had anything published. He has, however won a couple of flash fiction events which is apropos because he clearly doesn’t have much of value to say. (P.S. He has been mistaken for George Clooney on occasion.

Member at Large-Lori Younker,

Lori has eLori Younker 2 Low Res w glassesnjoyed writing ever since her 7th grade teacher introduced her to the world of poetry. For two decades, Lori wrote curriculum and short plays for school settings . These days she is expanding her skills into the world of fiction and memoir, producing a short story collection Mongolian Interior which captures her cross-cultural experiences. Many of her stories been published and are contest winners in Missouri anthologies.  Lori has used her Masters degree in Teaching English as a Second Language in the Graduate School of Missouri University (2010-2014) and currently as an instructor of ELLs in the public schools of Mexico, MO where she teaches children her first love: to read and write.

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Dec Mtg for HOLIDAY Open MIC–read your work

Hey everyone, why not dust off an old essay, poem or diary entry and share it with your cohorts at our next guild meeting. Family and Friends are welcome. Bring finger foods to share and enjoy our work read aloud. I’ll give a report of Show Me Writers Masterclass 2015 and explain our 2016 schedule.

Don’t forget our Dec 15th deadline for Well Versed 2016. You can submit via email or the mail.

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Thanks to all for MASTERCLASS success

Words can’t express the many ways the Masterclass conference was a success! The dawned with MU bookstore workers scurrying around setting up signs, tables and books. Classrooms were prepared and then the participants arrived 100+ strong. What with the 25 teachers and experts mixing and mingling with us…we looked like a substantial crowd. No doubt, each of us had a different take-away, an inspiring moment or a new friend. Perhaps you were inspired or have some decisions to make. Because Heather and Jenna held the whole event together from beginning to end, I was able to come away with a business model for my own work, a plan for my short stories and courage to be myself while doing it (Thanks, Tim V and Collin Wright).

Special thanks to our Masterclass Committee: Karen Mocker-Dabson, Liz Schulte, Brianna Boes, Suzanne Pautler, Cami Wheeler, Rexanna Ipock-Brown, Peggy Crawford, Sue Koenig, Andrea Lawless, Deb Sutton and Frank Montagnino.

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We are taking walk-ins to Masterclass

Say for example, you wake up the morning of the Show Me Writers Masterclass, on Saturday Nov 7th and your husband or friend finally agrees to attend the event with you.  Then, by all means have them come!  We are taking walk-ins in the morning of the event.

Our registrations are inching toward a full 100 participants.

Mingle with our 25 speakers and mentors.  As well, 10-15 volunteers will be ready to greet you.  So, we will be quite a nice crowd at the Student Center.  It all starts at the entrance to the MU Bookstore which is located in the food court.

Golf cart rides from Virginia Avenue Parking Garage are running back and forth from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00.

We open for registration at 8:00 a.m. and begin our full day at 9:00 a.m.