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Well Versed Winners and Contributors

Thanks to everyone who submitted work for consideration this year, to the reviewers, the judges, and the editor. Well Versed would not happen without any of you.

The following submissions have been selected for publication in Well Versed 2019. All entries in Fiction, Non Fiction, and Poetry were reviewed through a scoring process with readers from the guild and then finalists were passed on to our judges. All of the Flash Fiction winners from the Summer Flash Fiction contest and the October Flash Fiction contest were entered as finalists and passed on to the Flash Fiction judge. The judges selected the winners for each category.

George Sirois is the Fiction judge this year. He is offering a 50% discount if any contributors want to have their respective submissions narrated and edited into an mp3. The cost would be $100 instead of $200, which is his normal rate. His email is if anyone is interested.


Congratulations again to all our winners. Let me know if you have any questions.

Deb Sutton

CCMWG President



Judge: George Sirois

First Place: Child’s Play by Robert Stockdale

Second Place: Ghost Lights by Rexanna Ipock-Brown

Third Place: Hell Hall by Robert Stockdale

Fiction Contributors

Yemen by Allen Fennewald

Davisdale by Steve Friedman

The Great Tornado Battle by Steve Friedman                 

Beasts of Winter by Bill Hinthorn

A Prison of Butterflies by Bill Hinthorn

My Father’s Ark by Victoria Hubbell

Tangle by Susan Koenig

Heavenly Daze by Frank Montagnino

Loretta and the Young Doctor by Jana Stephens

Why Read-Why Not Just Live? by Kit Salter

Witness by Pat Wahler

Refreshments by Bonnie Zelenak

FMAKING IT by Bonnie Zelenak

Flash Fiction

Judge: Dr. Scott Dalrymple

First Place (tie) Isadora by Terry Allen

First Place (tie) The Room by Linda Shultz

Second Place Light-dependent Reactions by Kristian Wingo

Flash Fiction Contributors

My Pretend World by Gail Denham

No Fear? Tell me about it by Gail Denham

Caution: Slow Children Playing by Terry Allen

Kopen Hagen by Yolanda Ciolli

Sonnava Beach by Frank Montagnino

From Here to Eternity by Nancy Jo Allen

Attic Memories by Nancy Jo Allen

Safe Room by Millicent Henry

The Dream’s Remnants by Elizabeth Yanders

Drama Queen by Karen Dabson


Judge: Larry Wood

First Place Climbing Mount Everest by Victoria Hubbell

Second Place A Nervous Flyer by Jean Ispa

Third Place Waiting for a Rainy Day-Secrets from the Porter Pantry A Memoir by Millicent Henry

Nonfiction Contributors

Radical Powerlessness by Marnie Evans

Tribute to a Kohirabi by Mary Ann Heinsman

Never Say Ever by Rodnie McHugh

The Cost is Too High by Lynn McIntosh

The Boomerang by Sheree K. Nielsen

Whiney Self by Suzanne Connelly Paulter

Deary Doubles by Von Pittman

Shopping in 8-bit by Marsha Posz

Honduran Landings by Joe Polacco

Finding My Way Back by Mary Rechenberg       

Lessons from a Non-Incident on Bram Street by Kit Salter

Sunday Afternoon by Billie Holladay Skelley

Unknown Soldiers by Jana Stephens

The Brown Wedding Dress by Barbara Thoma

Her Children Torn From Her by Lori Younkers

A Hard Goodbye by Elizabeth Yanders


Judge: Walter Bargen

First Place Right Side Down by Gail Denham

Second Place Sundown by Billie Holladay Skelley

Third Place Killdeer by Bill Hinthorn

Honorable Mention Alice’s Descent by Gail Denham

Honorable Mention Loose Park by Hannah Jane Weber

Poetry Contributors

The Invisible Man by Terry Allen

Along the Punished Woman Creek, 1878 by Terry Allen

The Last Reel by Terry Allen

527 44th Street by Nancy Jo Allen

Castle by Nancy Jo Allen

Family Camping by Gail Denham

If You are There to See it by Rebecca Graves.

The Vigil by Rebecca Graves

That Kind of Child by Rebecca Graves

Life Sentences by Melinda Hemmelgarn

Life and Instruments by Bill Hinthorn

Leslie by Bill Hinthorn

I Call Your Name by Cathy Holder

Beyond the Veil by Rodnie McHugh

Doggerel by Frank Montagnino

Their Fourth Date by Sheree K. Nielsen

Connection by Suzanne Connelly Paulter

Dame Española by Joe Polacco

Forever Joined by Billie Holladay Skelley

A Warrior’s Dream by Billie Holladay Skelley

Mama’s Clothespin by Jana Stephens

My Sanctuary by Deb Sutton

I Wish by Deb Sutton

Kaleidoscope by Hannah Jane Weber

Grief by Hannah Jane Weber

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In Case You Missed April’s Meeting

Hi CCMWGers! In case you missed April’s meeting, here are some notes for you so you can stay on top of the happenings of the guild.

If you caught the Spring quarterly newsletter, you may have caught onto the fact that we are naming a new column in the newsletter for guild successes. So far I have only gotten one suggestion, but would like to get more input. I know we are a creative body of writers and can come up with something snappy. Feel free to comment on this post with your suggestion. I would love to hear from you.

I also have been revamping the website. I would like the guild members to have more input into the blog contents. If you have a 1000-word post dying to get out, please send it my way at with the words “Blog Post” in the subject line. Newsletter material can be sent to the same address with “Newsletter” in the subject line. Posts should have appropriate content (no religion, politics, sexual content, etc) and should be about writing. This can include writing advice, where you are in your writing journey, things you have learned in life that apply to your writing, etc. If you want to send a proposal, feel free to do that as well.

The Missouri Writers’ Guild’s annual conference is coming up May 17-19. You may find more information about it here. We are once again participating in Basket Wars at the conference. Deb is trying to theme the basket this year for the win. The theme is The Write Stuff and should include items that encourage writing. Items to consider donating are writing craft books, nice notebooks and pens, wine, chocolate, etc. Please bring your items to the meeting on May 5th to be included in the basket.

Art in the Park is coming up June 1-2. Signups for working our table will be going out in email shortly. Please try to find a time to sit at the table. It is a great way to connect with our community and bring new members into the guild. Plus, it is fun to interact with young writers, and a LOT of them approach our table during that weekend. This year we will have a handout in either paper or bookmark form to make it easier to provide information.

The next quarterly meeting will be at the Skylark Bookshop in June or July and will be an all-genre reading. Stay tuned for further information and sign-ups to read. Thank you, Sharon for setting these up for us!

Last, if you have been looking for a writing software to try, one of our members mentioned that Write Way Pro is free to download and register. I haven’t looked at it yet, but I am just putting it out there as a suggestion.

Have a great month, folks! May your words be plenty!


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April is National Poetry Month

Happy National Poetry Month! If you missed April’s meeting, you missed a great presentation on National Poetry Month and some readings by Terry Allen and other members of CCMWG along with a brief discussion following. Fear not. You still have the chance to contribute! One of my favorite quotes from poetry is by Mary Oliver:
“Instructions for living a life.
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.”

This quote moves me as a writer and as a human being. What is your favorite poet, poem, or poetry quote? Please feel free to share! Meanwhile, Deb will be assembling a list of the poets read yesterday and send that in a separate email. Enjoy the balmy temps!