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Flash Fiction Contest for CCMWG Members

Each month—June, July, August, September—CCMWG participating members receive a prompt. Participants write a flash fiction piece based on the prompt and submit it to the Flash Fiction Coordinator within five days. The names of the authors are removed, and the submissions sent out to the CCMWG general membership. Each member chooses 3 submissions and ranks them: #1, #2, and #3. The Coordinator tallies up the votes and reports the winners to the CCMWG membership. First, second, and third place entries will be published in the 2020 Well Versed.
Please read the rules carefully before submitting your entry.
1.       Participants in the 2019 Flash Fiction contest must be members of CCMWG.
2.       Entries must be the work of the entrant and must not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere in print or online, including blogs or personal websites.
3.       All winning entries are eligible for publication in Well Versed 2020 and are finalists in the Well Versed 2020 Flash Fiction contest. If an author decides to withdraw their Flash Fiction entry from Well Versed 2020, they need to do so in writing before publication. Their entry, if withdrawn from the anthology, will be also be withdrawn from the Well Versed 2020 contest.
4.       If accepted for publication elsewhere, please notify the Flash Fiction Coordinator immediately.
Monthly Submissions Schedule:
10th: A photo prompt arrives in participant’s email inbox.
15th: In response to the prompt, the participant writes 200 words or less. Title the submission. The submission may be in any form, i.e. narrative, prose, poetry, essay, letter, blog, advertisement, diary entry, etc. Respond by midnight CST.
20th: The Flash Fiction Coordinator sends out the submissions, minus authors’ names, for CCMWG members to read and rank #1, #2, & #3.
25th: Members votes due. Hit ‘reply’ to the submissions email and either, in the subject line or in the content, list the 3 choices by title.
The Coordinator tallies the votes. The winners and their submissions are announced the next day, the 26th.
1.       Submissions must be unpublished.
2.       One entry per Flash Fiction photo prompt by each participant.
3.       Entries should be made online.
4.       Entries must be received before midnight (CST) of the closing date.
5.       The filename of an entry should be the same as the title. The first five words of the entry may be used as the title and filename.
6.       Obvious spelling and punctuation errors will be corrected before publishing in Well Versed.
7.       Any significant edits will be made in consultation with the author.
8.       Please check your email address carefully before submitting your entry.
9.       If you do not receive a confirmation email (don’t forget to check your spam) please contact us via the contact page.
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