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In Case You Missed April’s Meeting

Hi CCMWGers! In case you missed April’s meeting, here are some notes for you so you can stay on top of the happenings of the guild.

If you caught the Spring quarterly newsletter, you may have caught onto the fact that we are naming a new column in the newsletter for guild successes. So far I have only gotten one suggestion, but would like to get more input. I know we are a creative body of writers and can come up with something snappy. Feel free to comment on this post with your suggestion. I would love to hear from you.

I also have been revamping the website. I would like the guild members to have more input into the blog contents. If you have a 1000-word post dying to get out, please send it my way at with the words “Blog Post” in the subject line. Newsletter material can be sent to the same address with “Newsletter” in the subject line. Posts should have appropriate content (no religion, politics, sexual content, etc) and should be about writing. This can include writing advice, where you are in your writing journey, things you have learned in life that apply to your writing, etc. If you want to send a proposal, feel free to do that as well.

The Missouri Writers’ Guild’s annual conference is coming up May 17-19. You may find more information about it here. We are once again participating in Basket Wars at the conference. Deb is trying to theme the basket this year for the win. The theme is The Write Stuff and should include items that encourage writing. Items to consider donating are writing craft books, nice notebooks and pens, wine, chocolate, etc. Please bring your items to the meeting on May 5th to be included in the basket.

Art in the Park is coming up June 1-2. Signups for working our table will be going out in email shortly. Please try to find a time to sit at the table. It is a great way to connect with our community and bring new members into the guild. Plus, it is fun to interact with young writers, and a LOT of them approach our table during that weekend. This year we will have a handout in either paper or bookmark form to make it easier to provide information.

The next quarterly meeting will be at the Skylark Bookshop in June or July and will be an all-genre reading. Stay tuned for further information and sign-ups to read. Thank you, Sharon for setting these up for us!

Last, if you have been looking for a writing software to try, one of our members mentioned that Write Way Pro is free to download and register. I haven’t looked at it yet, but I am just putting it out there as a suggestion.

Have a great month, folks! May your words be plenty!


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