Well Versed 2010

Judges Name Well Versed 2010 Contest Winners

Our judges for Well Versed 2010 follow. We are grateful to them for giving their time and effort to aid us in publishing an outstanding anthology. Longer biographies are available in Well Versed. A big “Thank You” goes to:

Richard W. Jennings, Prose—Fiction

Richard W. Jennings writes novels for young adults and middle-readers and short stories and personal essays for senior adults. He shares his sunlit home in Kansas with three fat brown dachshunds—Milton, Tommy and Danny—and a young Octopus bimaculoides named Sandy.

Kenneth (Fog) Gilbert, Poetry

Ken “fog” Gilbert also known as jacob erin-cilberto resides in Carbondale, Illinois where he teaches at John A. Logan and Shawnee Community colleges in Southern Illinois. He also teaches poetry workshops for Heartland Writers Guild, Southern Illinois Writers Guild and Union County Writers Guild.

Susan Satterfield, Prose—Nonfiction

Susan is an English Instructor at MCC-Longview in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, where she is founder and has been the coordinator for the MCC-Longview Literary Festival the past two years. She lives in Lee’s Summit with her extended family including four dogs, four cats, and assorted fish.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our contest for Well Versed 2010. Thank you to all who entered. Congratulations to those selected for honor.


Editor’s Picks:

Martin Turner, “Afternews” C. B. O’Brien, “The Sculptor”

Honorable Mentions:

J. M. Brandt, “Become Uneven” C. B. O’Brien, “The Wall” Martin Turner, “Rural Route”


Editor’s Pick:

Linda Fisher, “The Road Trip.”

Honorable Mentions:

Linda Fisher, “The Storm of Last Chance” Teresa Parker, “The Splinter” Lar Glendal Wallace, “The Lesson”


Editor’s Picks:

Cate Richard, “Gifts From the Sea” Ida Bettis Fogle, “Deena.”

Honorable Mentions:

Barri Bumgarner, “Memoir in Montage” Lori Galaske, “The Flying Truck” C. B. O’Brien, “The Ring”

Other Contributors

Evelyn Aholt, “For a Moment”

Larry W. Allen

“For Mary” “D. C. Tail”

Edgar Bailey, “October in Chains”

Al Beck, “Spring Haiku”

J. M. Brandt

“Optimism Doesn’t Equal Failure” “Red Sand” “Sword Swallower”

Carol Gorski Buckels

“Christmas, Two Years Later” “When Answers Come”

Carol Buening

“Life Cycles” “Night Wrap” “Wilderness Woman” “The White Elephants”

Barri L. Bumgarner, “Premature Calls”

Jimmy Capps

“Grandpa’s Dog” “The Elevator”

James H. Coffman

“Movie Star” “Happy Days Drugstore”

Jan L. Coffman, Photographs

Cathrine Daily, “The Cup”

Elizabeth Davis, “The One That Got Away”

Linda Fisher, “Ladies Night”

Grace Fogle, “Unicorn Hunting”

Ida Bettis Fogle, “At the Flea Market”

Lori Galaske

“Spring Break—Vacation” “The Shepherds”

Svetlana Grobman, “Diary of a Russian Immigrant”

Sharon Kinney Hanson

“Ode for Helen Stephens” “Sonnet” “Veritas Odium Parit”

Debra Hardin, “7th Sense”

C. B. O’Brien

“Phu Bai Romance 1967” “The End of Mimsy” “God and Free Will”

Debbie Parker

“Simple Beauty” “Labels” “Neighbor” “Pie Safe”

Teresa Parker, “Falling”

Von Pittman

“A Hazard to Navigation” “Temp Work”

Eva Ridenour, “Blooming”

William Samuels, “A Blonde Artist Who Died Young”

Veronica Strega

“Hecate’s Moon” “Blue Corn Girl’s Lullaby” “Before Me” “Lovers on the Grass” “Nearest Approach”

Swiftwalker, “Morning Touch”

Cathy Thogmorton

“Anam Cara” “Rest Home”

Martin Turner, “Causation”

Lar Glendal Wallace

“Welfare Queen” “I Have Traveled to Harlem” “Moving Day”

Steve Whisnant

“Confessions of a Young Drunk” “War on Drugs” “Zoom a Zoom and a Boom Boom”

Shirley Smith Wilbert, “Wisdom in Petunias”

C. A. Young

“Pipe” “The Irony is That We Are All Hungry”