Well Versed 2011

 Judges Name Well Versed 2011 Contest Winners

Many thanks to this year’s judges for their time and expertise in judging our entries. We appreciate their efforts in aiding us to select the top submissions to be published in our outstanding anthology, which this year includes fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Sheila Wood Foard, Prose–Fiction

Sheila Wood Foard writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry. She has written two children’s books, is a retired high school English teacher, and is a current writing instructor for the Institute of Children’s Literature.

Fred Pfister, Poetry

Fred Pfister is a retired English professor and is the current editor of The Ozarks Mountaineer, a monthly magazine dedicated to showcasing the history, art, folklore, and culture of the Ozarks, and which publishes at least one poem in every issue. He is also the author of two books on the Ozarks.

Marti Attoun, Prose–Nonfiction

Marti Attoun is a contributing editor for American Profile magazine and has published hundreds of articles in national magazines, including Ladies’ Home Journal, Redbook and Good Housekeeping.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our contest for Well Versed 2011. Thank you to all who entered. Congratulations to those selected.


Editor’s Picks:

Martin Turner, “An Auditory Polemic”
Barry Walker, “Endgame”
C. A. Young, “Cutting Pears”

Honorable Mentions:

Bridget Bufford, “Epitaph”
James H. Coffman, “J. C. Nichols Fountain, K.C.”
Marilyn Hope Lake, “Love’s Best Boy”


Editor’s Pick:

Linda Fisher, “Elizabeth’s Lucky Day”
Von Pittman, “Lee Harvey Oswald:  Whistle and Thump”  
Steve Whisnant, “It Was Only a Dream, Right?”

Honorable Mentions:

Lori Galaske, “At the Quick Stop Shop”
Edna Bell-Pearson, “Isla Aguada”
Linda Fisher, “A Walk in the Park”


Editor’s Picks:

Robert Hodgson, “One Curious Apartment”
Arline Chandler, “The Important Stuff”
Annie Withers, “Myrtle”

Honorable Mentions:

C. A. Neilson, “The Broken Glass”
Edna Bell-Pearson, “Going Home Again”
C. A. Neilson, “What’s In a Name?”

Other Contributors

Larry W. Allen

“Barry Manilow”
“Hello Bob”

Edgar Bailey, “Shortest Lovecraft Story Ever”

Al Beck

“A Philosophic Elation”
“When Iris Bloom”

J. M. Brandt

“Black Fish”
“Heel and Toe”

Carol Buening

“A Dreamer”
“Childhood Dreamer”
“Mold A Dreamer”

Bridget Bufford

“Tybalt the Tom”

Arline Chandler, “Legacy of Love”

James H. Coffman

“Babes in the Woods”
“Downtown Louisville”

Elizabeth Davis

“Dear Santa. We Moved”
“The Richest Man He Knew”
“Just Me”

Jacky Draffen, “Camel Back Trunk”

Grace Fogle, “Not Today”

Ida Bettis Fogle

“Missouri River Town”
“Old Flowers”

Lori Galaske, “Reaching the Peak”

Marilyn Hope Lake

“The Simplest Things”
“Zoo Impressions”

Lynn Strand McIntosh

“Holding On”
“The Beat Goes On”

Alice Muschaney

“Kneads of a Fifty-Year-Old”

Stacey Naugle

“Little Angels With Crooked Halos”
“Magic Ride Home”

C. A. Neilson

“Ghost Story”

Suzanne Norton, “Metacognition and Mirrors”

C. B. O’Brien

“Self Portrait”

Nancy Peacock

“Family Portrait”
“Fishing With Grandpa”

Kim Piddington, “Wrinkles”

Von Pittman, “Lee Harvey Oswald: Whistle and Thump”

Cindy Prince, “Your Words for Stanley Kunitz”

Judy Stock

” Bird?”
“The Gardener’s Hands”


“Class Reunion”

Jerrel Swingle, “In Remembrance”

Martin Turner

“The Search”

Pat Wahler, “Vigilante”

Barry Walker

“The Old Grumbler”

Steve Whisnant, “This Road, I Stretch on Forever”

Shirley Smith Wilbert, “Crackheads Sleeping in a Doorway”

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