Submission / Freelance Possibilities

Here are some current submission or freelance possibilities that we can pass on to you.

Columbia Business Times and COMO Living.

These two magazines require slightly different skill sets from writers. CBT takes some straightforward reporting skills, so  a journalism background would be a huge plus. COMO Living also requires some reporting, but the writing style is softer and the content is generally more profile-driven. Magazine-style writing allows for quite a bit of creativity in terms of structuring, stylizing, and detailing, but our articles are all fact-based and outward-facing (which is to say no memoir).
Our editors, myself and Brenna McDermott, pride ourselves on helping our writers as much as possible: finding sources, digging up extra info, brainstorming ideas.

Matt Patston

Managing Editor — Columbia Business Times & COMO Living

Influence & Co.
is a content marketing firm that specializes in helping businesses create and distribute content coming directly from company experts. They work with more than 200 clients, ranging from VC-backed startups to Fortune 500 companies, and are one of the leading providers of content to over 1,000 of the world’s top publications including Forbes, Fast Company, and The Washington Post. They currently employ more than 60 freelance writers with a variety of backgrounds and are always looking for more. Contact them at

This organization is a Columbia based operation that will be visiting our guild on
February 5, 2017 for an educational presentation!

Chicken Soup for the Soul
This popular anthology series is coming out with some new titles, and is looking for poems and stories.

Authors are paid $200 for each story selected plus 10 copies.

Missouri Scriptwriting Fellowship
Details at

Bookbub, a company started in 2012, which offers books for sale, is looking for writers to create book lists, quizzes about books, and develop creative ways to help readers find new books to read. They are looking writers to post at least twice per month on their blog. Writers are paid, but they didn’t list how much. To apply, visit

iAchieve is looking for a freelance writer to write blog posts about education, as well as do interviews, and write articles for their newsletter. They say that pay is between $30 and $50/hr. Apply at

iPhoneLife is looking for bloggers to write about great apps, tips and tricks using iPhones, accessories for iPhones, and interviews of people who use iPhones for their business. $50 per post. Apply at

——————————————-, an online site, is looking for personal essays for their new section called First Person. Essays should be on current topics, such as health, politics, food, immigration, etc. This is a paid opportunity, but amount not listed. Details at

——————————————- is looking for stories about culture. Essays, reviews, articles should be about fads, race, gender, cultural phenomena, trends or misunderstood history.
They pay, but amount not listed.

——————————————- is looking for freelance contributors to their section called “The Mix.” Each day story topics are emailed, and writers can choose what topic(s) they’d like to do. They pay $100 per story. Apply to be a writer at The Mix at

Try out aerogramme Writer’s Studio and scroll down for a market that might be a good fit for your writing style and genre!

DEADLINE has PASSED so get ready for NEXT YEAR!

Interpretations V
Columbia Art League
Dear Interpretations Artists & Writers, Hope you’re all planning your entries for the Interpretations V show – entries due in April 2017.






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