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Successful Launch of 2019 Well Versed

The launch of the 2019 edition of Well Versed occurred on June 9, 2019. Winners accepted certificates and prize money and contributors were free to read their work from the book. Included in this post are photos from the event. Thank you to all the contributors, peer readers, judges, editor, and everyone associated with making this year’s Well Versed a success.

Rexanna Ipock-Brown 2nd Place, Fiction
Terry Allen 1st Place, Flash Fiction
Victoria Hubbell 1st Place; Millicent Porter Henry 3rd Place, Nonfiction
Von Pittman
Kit Salter
Joe Polacco
Barb Thoma
Deb Sutton
Nancy Jo Allen
Lori Younker
Elizabeth Conrad Yanders
Melinda Hemmelgarn
Marsha Posz
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