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Colin Wright agrees to be our KEYNOTE


Show Me Writers: Masterclass
Conference 2015

Afternoon Keynote:   Colin Wright

colin_wright head 15The Asymmetric Author

An introduction to the modern publishing ecosystem and how to approach it, the role of experimentation and technology in reaching one’s audience, and the rise of the authorpreneur.

 See his work at

Colin_Wright_active 15BIO   Colin Wright is a 30-year-old author, entrepreneur, and full-time traveler.

For over six years he’s moved to a new country every four months based on the votes of his readers. He supports his travel habit by writing and selling books through a publishing company he co-founded, Asymmetrical Press.

His blog, Exile Lifestyle, brings in over two millions readers a year, and he’s written over thirty books in genres ranging from science fiction to philosophy, short fiction collections about death to compilations of travel stories from his time on the road.

Colin has given two TEDx talks, has keynoted for major tech industry events, regularly speaks about intentional and nonstandard lifestyle choices at conferences and schools worldwide, and goes on book tours more often than any sane person would.

Colin grew up in Columbia, Missouri, and went to school at Missouri State University in Springfield.

his  blog:
publishing company:

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Jim Coffman, author, tries SHOW not TELL


        Joni trips on the step as she enters Murdock Funeral Home.   She passes Michael Murdock who flashes her a large plastic smile.   Joni does not respond.
        She sees the layout: the casket with Robert is straight ahead, a cluster of people—presumably the family—stands past the casket, and a line is queued to view the body.   Joni joins the line to wait her turn.   Two people turn toward her.   Their expressions, like Joni’s, are blank.

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