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Thanks to all for MASTERCLASS success

Words can’t express the many ways the Masterclass conference was a success! The dawned with MU bookstore workers scurrying around setting up signs, tables and books. Classrooms were prepared and then the participants arrived 100+ strong. What with the 25 teachers and experts mixing and mingling with us…we looked like a substantial crowd. No doubt, each of us had a different take-away, an inspiring moment or a new friend. Perhaps you were inspired or have some decisions to make. Because Heather and Jenna held the whole event together from beginning to end, I was able to come away with a business model for my own work, a plan for my short stories and courage to be myself while doing it (Thanks, Tim V and Collin Wright).

Special thanks to our Masterclass Committee: Karen Mocker-Dabson, Liz Schulte, Brianna Boes, Suzanne Pautler, Cami Wheeler, Rexanna Ipock-Brown, Peggy Crawford, Sue Koenig, Andrea Lawless, Deb Sutton and Frank Montagnino.

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