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The first meeting of 2015 and a member survey with a promise…

Dear Membership,

  There is a little threat of bad roads…so let’s see how this goes.
Our meeting is scheduled for Sun. Jan 4th at 2:00 p.m at the Unity Ctr.
We’ll enjoy each other’s company and engage in critiques. So bring items to share.  The guidelines are at our website
  Also, we are hoping a substantial amount of folks will fill out the members survey.  If you get it filled out by Jan 31st, and we get 60% or more our members to respond, I will dress up in some retro-clothes to lead the meeting in February…very romantic, I promise,….at least nostalgic.
  Just type an X on the lines of the items that apply to you.  send it back by naming the file a funny name like….”This is it”   or “You asked for it.” and email to this email address…..
  That way we won’t count anything twice.  It will be hard to keep it completely private, but believe me, we aren’t asking you anything too personal.  I tried Survey Monkey but I couldn’t get the hang of it….So here it is attached!
Warmly, Lori Younker
CCMWG 2015 President
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