Well Versed 2012

Judges Name Well Versed 2012 Contest Winners

Many thanks to this year’s judges for their time and expertise in judging our entries. We appreciate their efforts in aiding us to select the top submissions to be published in our outstanding anthology, which this year includes fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

Evelyn Somers Rogers, Prose–Fiction

Evelyn Somers Rogers has been associate editor of The Missouri Review since 1990. Her editorial columns, blogs and features have appeared in The Missouri Review in print and online. In addition to her work for TMR, her editing credentials include approximately two dozen books: novels, story collections, scholarly books. Books she has edited have won the John Simmons award for short fiction, the Drue Heinz Award and the Peter Taylor prize for the novel and have been published by both university and small presses and larger, commercial presses.

Evelyn teaches literature, writing, advanced grammar and literary publishing at the college level and is the author of an award-winning women and gender studies course. Together with graduate students on the staff of The Missouri Review, she developed and launched the magazine’s online anthology textBox in January 2011 and continues to work on its development. Her writing has appeared in a variety of journals, and she received a Barbara Deming Foundation grant for her recently completed novel Preacher’s House.

Harvey Stanbrough, Poetry

Harvey Stanbrough was born in New Mexico, seasoned in Texas, and baked in Arizona. After surviving a 21-year civilian-appreciation course in the US Marine Corps, Harvey managed to sneak up on a bachelor’s degree at Eastern New Mexico University in Portales in 1996. Today he’s a successful writer of fiction, poetry and nonfiction, a freelance editor and a writing instructor. His comprehensive poetry collection,Beyond the Masks, was nominated for the National Book Award, and he’s published three other poetry collections and two long poems. Finally, he’s written and published four short story collections, numerous short stories in various genres, and nine nonfiction ebooks. In addition to the National Book Award, his works have been nominated for the Frankfurt Award and the Pushcart Prize. Please visit his website at HarveyStanbrough.com.

Becky Carr Imhauser, Prose–Nonfiction

Becky Carr Imhauser is the author of six non-fiction books. A former magazine and newspaper editor, she has published more than 900 articles in national periodicals. Becky also writes promotional copy for corporate clients and curriculum for national and international publishers.

Combining her experiencing in publishing and education, Becky frequently makes presentations to conferences and civic groups. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in education, and is completing a doctorate degree in education.

We are pleased to announce the winners of our contest for Well Versed 2012. Thank you to all who entered. Congratulations to those selected.


Judge’s Picks:

J.M. Brandt,
“Gerecz Atilla-1956 Budapest”

Ida Bettis Fogle,
“Seeing Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’ at Age 7”
Marcia Gaye, “Flash Flame”

Honorable Mentions:

Carol Gorski Buckels,
“Before the Eclipse”

J.M. Brandt,
“Before it Rains”

Marcia Gaye,
“July Fifth, Last Night”


Judge’s Picks:

Bob Hodgson,
“A Coat for All Winters”

J.M. Brandt,
“The Stupid Things We Do”

Cynthia Reeg,
“Sky High Stitches”

Honorable Mentions:

J.M. Brandt,
“The Eye”

Jimmy Capps,
“Fire on the Flight Deck”

Kit Salter,
“Swimming with Mao”


Judge’s Picks:

Donna Volkenannt,
“The Magic of Writing”

Alice Muschany,
“High Five”

Mary Koeberl Rechenberg,
“God Speaks Ever So Softly”

Honorable Mentions:

Alice Muschany,
“Decorated with Love”

Donna Volkenannt,
“A Fine November Day”

Marilyn Hope Lake,
“A Special Family Sunday”

Other Contributors

Larry W. Allen,
“Out of My Past” “She Told Him”

Edgar Bailey,
“Almost Heaven” “Excerpt from a Memoir”

J. M. Brandt,
“Just Like That” “Stones”

Carol Gorski Buckels,
“Bamboo” “Distance in a Certain Light” “Warning Signs”

Carol Buening,
“Autumn Paddle” “Life Cycles”

Jimmy Capps,
“A Song for Betty” “Secret Fish”

James H. Coffman,
“Day Before Thanksgiving” “Home Is a Small Place” “Last Words” “Ruby’s Place at 10”

Annabelle Corrick,
“The Next Best Thing: A Memoir of the Near West”

Lawrence Costello,
“Summer Lemon-Aid” “That’s My Dog”

Cheryl Davis,
“Elegy” “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Race Car” “Mark Martin Museum in Batesville”

Elizabeth Davis,
“Red and the Lady Next Door” “They Gave Thanks”

Jacky Draffen,
“Doyenne” “My Jack Russell” “Thoughtless Snare”

Carol Fisher,
“It Feels Like Fall” “Family Vacations: Values and Vignettes” “Mom’s Kitchen” “Garden Moments” “October Morning”

Linda Fisher,
“Gottes Wille” “The Amethyst Promise Ring”

Lori Galaske,
“Unforgivable Love”

Katie Finn Gast,
“A Duel at Bedtime” “Wake Up Sleepy Heads”

Marcia Gaye,
“Message in Genie’s Bottle” “Muddy Hands”

Marilyn Hope Lake,
“Grandmother’s Funeral” “Garden Memories” “A Kansas Sun”

Minnie E. Miller,
“Remembering September 11, 2001”

Shannon Baker Moore,
“Losing Dad” “This is a Stage, This is Only a Stage” “Autumn in Babler Park

Stacey Naugle,
“Late Night at KOPN” “Where Are The Snows of Yesterday”

Janet Norton,
“Haiku Up a Tidal River” “Poetry Is a Peach” “Vivaldi”

Suzanne Norton,
“A Fine Winter’s Day” “The Walk” “Gift of a Spring Day”

Debbie Parker,
“Dining Room Table” “Looks are Deceiving” “Room Mother” “Safari”

Von Pittman,
“A Thirst in Prague”

Mary Koeberl Rechenberg,
“An Old-Fashioned Christmas”

Neva Reece,
“My World War II”

Cynthia Reeg,
“Friday Night at the Emergency Room” “Lights Out” “Spring Morning Snapshot”

Eva Ridenour,
“Detours” “Tight Rope”

Marilyn K. Smith,
“A Fact of Life” “Men’s Woes” “The Day We Learned to Cuss” “This Very Night” “The Ring’s Twist”

Mary Ann Snapp,
“Keeping in Touch” “Reflections”

“Six Lunes From a Poetry Contest” “This Morning”

Martin Turner,
“I Drink Deeply” “Resolution” “Snow Melt” “When You Played”

Charles (Frank) Watkins,
“The Dream, The Nightmare, and Reality”

Steve Whisnant,
“Pax Americana” “Spoiled, Grumpy People”

Diane Yates,
“All The boys I’ve Loved Before”