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Our Book Launch on June 2nd was well attended with 30+ in attendance.
Readers read from their newly published works. 

Winners who were unable to come to the meeting will receive their checks in the mail as soon as the president can purchase some large manilla envelopes that fit the certificates!

Come to get your copy/copies of Well-Versed 2014 at our July 13the meeting.

Our 2014 Well-Versed Judges & Winners 


Donna Volkenannt: Prose—Fiction
Marta Ferguson: Poetry
Christine Bailey: Prose—Nonfiction
Judge’s Picks: Poetry

Maril Crabtree – The Language of Graves
Claudia Mundell – Early Morning Ruminations
Marcia Gaye – The Actor’s Zeal (Third Place Tie)
Maril Crabtree – Time Piece (Third Place Tie)

Honorable Mentions: Poetry

Ida Bettis Fogle – Un-Innocent
Danyele Read – Watson Road
Maril Crabtree – Construction Begins Now

Judge’s Picks: Fiction

Maril Crabtree – Indian Summer
Lori L. Younker – Taking Inventory
Von Pittman – Breakfast at Earl’s

Honorable Mentions: Fiction

Karen Guccione-Englert – Three’s a Crowd
Diane Yates – The Man in the Suit
Mike Trial – Barbed Wire

Judge’s Picks: Nonfiction

Mary Koeberl Rechenberg –Taming the Storm Within
Marcia Gaye – The Baby Doll Quilt
Carol Fisher – Our Big Round Table

Honorable Mentions: Nonfiction

Lynn Obermoeller – That Voice
Diane Yates – Stories from Robinett Cemetery
Lori Galaske – It’s Raining Frogs


Other Contributions

Evelyn Aholt Surprise Gift

Larry W. Allen
Out of the Mouths
The Count
Working Partners
The Boys of Lafayette

Terry Allen
The Healing Drum
Origami Cranes
Daughter of the Moon

Sarah Angleton

Barbara Backes
The ‘Silk-less’ Cocoon
The Privilege

Sarah Briggs
A Kid, a Cookie, and Donald Trump
Valentine’s Day Dip

Carol Buening
A Reflective Musician
Storm Cave

Jimmy Capps
Laying Aunt Myrtle to Rest
The Light on the Ceiling

Debbie Causevic
Fear of Falling

Terry Cobb
Men of Steel

James H. Coffman
The Aurora Borealis
Sycamore Tree in November
Out of the Dark Womb He Comes

Annabelle Corrick
The Molds of August: A Late-Summer Mystery

Anita Crews
Poetic Justice
The Writer’s Muse
Personal Opinion on Everyday Subjects

Karen Mocker Dabson
The Winter of My Summer

Elizabeth Davis
Bad Hair Day
The Wedding
I Don’t Do Poetry
Six Old Men

Martha Eisenhour
The Cat
Reflection on Yellowstone

Carol Fisher
Mom’s Quilt

Linda Fisher
Drucilla Came Back
The Last Day of November

Lori Galaske
At the Quick Stop Shop
The Alphabet Forest

Katie Gast
A Wild Card Ride

Marcia Gaye
Sometimes You Shouldn’t Keep the Home Fires Burning
My Volkeswagon

T’Mara Goodsell
Ghosts of Neighborhood Past

Karen Guccione-Englert
Bitter Cold

Jan Harcourt
The Night the Lights Went Out

Walker Hayes
The Book Ranger

Lynn Strand McIntosh
Breaking the Silence
Pick Up Words

Claudia Mundell
Roaring River Campground, Sept. 2013
Line Dance

Betsy Murphy
Bad Advice

Sheree K. Nielsen
Show Me the Chocolate
My Morning Delight
Modern Resonance
Ode to Sunset Beach

Linda O’Connell
The Keys to a Good Relationship

Lynn Obermoeller
Rainy Garden

Debbie Parker
Fortune Teller

Suzanne Connally Pautler
The Inheritance

Danyele Read
Calling God
The Blur
Duct Tape and WD-40

Mary Koeberl Rechenberg
My First True Love

Eva Ridenour
The Dog Barks
Morning at McDonald’s
The House on V

Lori Robinett
Peace Lilies
The Eye of the Tiger
The Instrument
Brilliant Wishes
Tick Tock

Berta Rosenberg
Lost Time

Sioux Roslawski
A Slip and a Lie
Why Do I Teach?

Kit Salter

Candace Simonson
The Pumpkin Disaster

Marilyn K. Smith
The Stranger’s Identity
Lost Keys
A Christmas Gift
A Day in the Corn Field
Siloing Time

Judy Stock
Claire de Lune
Sticky Notes
It’s Not Over ’Til It’s Over

Clean Living
How We Do It
On Character
Wolf Call

Martin Turner

Pat Wahler
Don’t You Cry

Beth Wood
Boy in Blue

Diane Yates
The Invader
Mother Dear

Lori L. Younker
First Stop, Amish Farm
He Says, I Say      


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