Well Versed 2016

WellVersedCover2016_sIt is my very great pleasure to announce the Well Versed 2016 winners. –Liz Schulte

This year’s theme, Under Lock and Key, generates ideas of secrets, heartbreak, unspoken feelings, little known stories of the past, hidden jewels, treasures in the attic, ghost stories, and mysteries.  Launch and book signing of our publication is Sunday, June 5th, 2:00 pm at our Unity (meeting) location of 1600 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO.

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Well Versed 2016


1st– “A Brief Encounter”-Terry Allen
2nd– “Night, Mid-February”-Terry Allen
3rd– “Horror”-Peg Crawford

Judges Choice- “Mr. Snapper Flapper”-Larry Allen


“Here There Be Dragons”-Peg Crawford

“Poetic License”-Lee Ann Russell

“Alone on Stage”-Billie Holladay Skelley

“The Last Crossing”-Terry Allen

“Rat Snake”-Terry Allen

“Tonya Harding Counsels Lizzie Borden” -Larry Allen

“Too Pretty”-Larry Allen

“A Box of Old Pictures”-James Coffman

“Catalpas”-Eva Ridenour

“The Mole Man”-Larry Allen

“Black Cat”-Sheree K. Nielson

“Circumvent”-Kayla Nilges

“Free Pain Evaluation for You or Your Horse” -Terry Allen

“Headstone Hopping”-James Coffman

“Oh Venerable Lock”-Ida Bettis Fogle

“She Fell in Love”-Larry Allen

“The Last Purr”-Susan Koenig

“Treasures”-Barbara Backes

“Your Favorite Time of Year”-Debra Sutton

“Campfire”-Kayla Nilges

“Waiting”-Hope Longview

“A Fly”-James Coffman

“Dark Lullaby”-Laura Seabaugh

“Evidence of a Still Life”-Peg Crawford

“Key Exchange”- Danyele Read

“Sequel”-Lee Ann Russell

“The Light Poetry Diamante”-C. A. Simonson

“Trapped”-C. A. Simonson

“Vacant Save For This”-Kayla Nilges

“All Day the Media”-James Coffman

“Caveman”-Lee Ann Russell

“Oak-Branch Cross”-Pablo Baum

“Remembrance”-Barry Walker

“The Crows”-Peg Crawford

“A Visit to Grandma”-Eva Ridenour

“Chains”-C. A. Simonson

“Night Train”-Eva Ridenour

“Thoughts After Touring the Former Missouri Penitentiary” -Ida Bettis Fogle

“Elfin Heart”-James Coffman

“Kill Your Darlings”-Peg Crawford

“Measures to Destiny”-Jessica Faulkner

“In the Garden”-Meril Crabtree

“Choroidal Nevus”- Nancy Jo Cegla

“Out of the Mouths of Babes”-Nancy Jo Cegla

“Red Poppies”-Nancy Jo Cegla

“Sherbet and Sweet, Crushed Macaroons”-Nance Jo Cegla

“The Corner Café”-Nancy Jo Cegla


1st– “Cellar Dweller”-Frank Montagnino
2nd– “Spider Bite”-Susannah Albert-Chandhok
3rd– “Secrets of a Shapeshifter”-Laura Seabaugh


“Hanging by a Thread”-Maril Crabtree

“A Telling Moment in a Changing Life” -Kit Salter

“Incident at Bleeding Creek Trestle”-Pablo Baum

“Chokehold”-Diane Siracusa

“Behind the Wire”-Hope Longview

“Burned”-Billie Holladay Skelley

“Flight in Midnight”-Susan Koenig

“Fun on Wall Street”-Von Pittman

“Goodwill”-Andrea Lawless

“Secrets to a Dead Man”-Brianna Boes

“Audition”- Susannah Albert-Chandhok

“To Be Cold”-Karen Dabson

“Wild Love”-Rexanna Ipock-Brown

“Unlocking the Past”-Debra Sutton

“Inescapable”-Nancy Jo Cegla


1ST– “Maybe Next Time”-Billie Holladay Skelley
2nd– “Heaven’s Gate”-Karen Dabson
3rd– “You’ll Get a Charge Out of This” -Frank Montagnino


“Treasure in the Trunk”-C. A. Simonson

“Wisconsin Cows”-Amy Christianson

“The Secret of Life”- Susannah Albert-Chandhok

“The Prince”- Danyele Read

“The Wedding Dress”-Amanda Booloodian

“Secrets Unlocked”-Amy Christianson

“The Inheritance”- Chinwe Ndubuka

“Other Lifetimes”-Karen Dabson


1st– “Southern Ice Storm”-Lori Younker
2nd– “The Stranger”-Sheree K. Nielsen
3rd– “My Season of Shoes”-Pat Wahler


“Thumb and Forefinger”-James Coffman

“The Gift”-C. A. Simonson

“He That Does Not Work, Neither Shall He Eat” -Mary Rechenberg

“Would a Thong Have Gone So Wrong?”- Lynn Strand McIntosh

“Hanging by a Thread”-Maril Crabtree












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