Well Versed 2017

Thank you for all your submissions to Well Versed 2017! We had so many wonderful stories and poems to read through and choose from. We had 74 poems, 21 Flash Fiction pieces, 22 fiction stories and 14 non-fiction submissions. Below is the list of winners and contributors.


1st: “Out and About” by Lori Younker

2nd: “The L Word” by Sheree Nielsen

3rd: “I Love a Rainy Night” by Deb Sutton


“Aloha” by Millicent Henry

“A Walk in the Woods (with apologies to Bill Bryson)” by Sally Papreck

“Letters from a Combat Zone” by Marcie McGuire

“Living on the Page” by Lynn Strand McIntosh

“Looking Back in My Special Room” by Mary Rechenberg

“Magic of the Extraordinary” by Pat Wahler

“The Monster in my Basement” by Amy Christianson



1st “InVisible” by Allen Fennewald

2nd “The Robot” by J.M. Brandt

3rd “Best Laid Plans” by Frank Montagnino


“A Simple Question” by Rod McHugh

“Adjusting” by Nancy Burdick

“A Final Goodbye” by Deb Sutton

“A Juxtaposition” by Allen Fennewald

“Combat Zone” by Nancy Jo Allen

“On Blue Waters” by Lori Younker

“Mother and the War Devil” by Pablo Baum

“Portrait of an Artist” by Marcie McGuire

“Pullin’ Weeds” by Mary Heinsman

“Red Dust Redo” by Susan Koenig

“Tempest” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“The Trial” by Diane Kehres

“The Woods” by Kristian Wingo

“Two Windows” by J.M. Brandt

“Riding Shotgun” by Kit Salter


Flash Fiction

1st “First Comes the Straw” by Lori Younker

2nd “Celeste” by Kristian Wingo

3rd “Bushwacking in Suburbia” by Rebecca Graves


“Conquering the Horses” by Ida Bettis Fogle

“Crossing Over” by Rebecca Graves

“Destruction” by Gail Denham

“Feminine Mystique” by Rebecca Graves

“Flight” by Charles Lockwood

“Freedom” by Jason Reimund

“Hero or Goat” by Terry Cobb

“Ice Music” by Marcie McGuire

“In Thorny Paths” by Drew Van Dyke

“Mrs. Morrison” by Frank Montagnino

“On the Brink of Harriet’s Leaving” by Terry Allen

“Out of Darkness” by Gail Denham

“Precipice” by Adria Waters

“Strudel with Ma” by Kelly Smith

“The Hunter” by Pablo Baum

“Tragedy on Board the Siddons” by Mary Heinsman



1st “Featherless” by Mary Siwance

2nd “Bernie” by J.M. Brandt

3rd “Brunelda Snap’s Thoughts on Winter” by Peg Crawford
Honorable Mention: “In August” by Jason Reimund
“A Little June Trip to Montana” by Larry Allen


“A Parting of Ways” by Abby Letner

“A Prayer for Christmas Joy” by Sarah Geringer

“After” by Mary Siwance

“All the Words” by Abby Letner

“Alucard” by Barry Walker

“Branches” by J.M. Brandt

“Condolences” by Nancy Jo Allen

“Cthulhu Power” by Barry Walker

“Easter News” by Gail Denham

“Eventide” by Peg Crawford

“Exit” by Nancy Jo Allen

“Female Language” by J.M. Brandt

“Garden Aplomb” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“Glasses” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“Healing Needed” by Gail Denham

“Home and Love Creep Back” by Gail Denham

“Huggin’ and Sluggin’” by Eva Ridenour

“I Open My Jaws” by J.M. Brandt

“I Wail Like Wolves” by Nancy Jo Allen

“In the Attic” by Gail Denham

“In Threes” by Jason Reimund

“January Anew” by Sarah Geringer

“Kindness to Strangers” by Ida Bettis Fogle

“Living Water” by Sheree Nielsen

“Losing Wally” by Barry Walker

“Moving” by Eva Ridenour

“Ode to Asclepias” by Sarah Geringer

“Oh the Places She Did Not Go” by Terry Allen

“Old Movies” by Eva Ridenour

“On the Bones of an Endangered Species” by Nancy Jo Allen

“Peace” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“Peony” by Jason Reimund

“Perfect Autumn Day” by Ida Bettis Fogle

“Red Dog’s Observations” by Sheree Nielsen

“Remembering” by Mary Siwance

“Rubber Time” by Terry Allen

“Search” by Barbara Ketzer Roberts

“Sentinels of Spring” by Mary Rechenberg

“Spontaneous Loss” by Nancy Jo Allen

“Staring out at the Storm Lake of People” by Jason Reimund

“Tame Her if You Can” by Gail Denham

“The Mask” by Pablo Baum

“Those Who Did Not Wed” by Abby Letner

“To the Seashore” by Sheree Nielsen

“Tree” by Mary Heinsman

“Trembles to Life” by J.M. Brandt

“Up South Mountain” by Eva Ridenour

“We’re Not Interested” by Terry Allen

“What Can Happen in a Second” by Megan Martin

“What Eurydice Learned” by Jason Reimund

“Winter Walk” by Mary Siwance

“Yeate’s Glass” by Barry Walker

“Zephyr” by Drew Van Dyke