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Why Critiques?

If we take what we learned in our last session with Donna into practice, it is easy to see that joining a critique group is an important part of revising our own work.  When we enter the stage where we take the focus off of ourselves and onto our reader…..well, we’ll need readers!

Our guild puts a priority on having critique sessions several times a year.  Come prepared on the first Sunday of April, April 6th to be exact, to join a critique group as a paricipant and bring a manuscript (5 copies) for us to read over and to comment on. (See the Guidelines).

Be prepared to tell us what kind of help you want.  Do you want our reaction as readers? Do you want us to proofread?  Tell us.

Plan to join a group of 5 individuals, to be polite, helpful, and encouraging.

We’ll also have a table with a creative writing exercise for those who didn’t have time to bring something for critique groups.  In any case, it will be a profitable afternoon. See you then!


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