Lori Dec 13President —Lori Younker

Lori has enjoyed some form of writing ever since her 7th grade teacher introduced her to the world of poetry writing.  Through the years she has enjoyed a good book, mostly literary works for grades 6 to 12 for her younger students.  For two decades writing has been in the form of curriculum and short plays for school settings. In recent days, she realized that she has spent so much time teaching English as a second language at MU that her writing skills were slipping.  In order to revive her first love she dove into her first novel and into the world of writing professionally and went back to teaching English Language learners in elementary school.


Liz Schulte

Vice-President – Liz Schulte
Liz Schulte is a self-published author in mystery and paranormal romance with ten novels, one short story, one box set, and has been in three anthologies. She is a member of RWA and her local chapters in Missouri, the Missouri Writer’s Guild, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers of America. Though success in publishing didn’t happen overnight, like she envisioned it would, the journey has been worth the trials along the way. Liz became a self-supported full time author in 2013 and wouldn’t trade her hard begotten knowledge or the wonderful friends she has made along the way for anything.


marlene lee 2

Secretary – Marlene Lee

Marlene Lee holds down a table at the Lakota Coffee House in Columbia, Missouri, little city of writers, confronting blank pages during business hours and postponing the inevitable with another cup of coffee.  Before writing full-time, she carted her stenotype machine from place to place (eventual settings for her fiction) in a movable feast of court reporting: Brookings, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; Chico, California; San Francisco; New York City. Before court reporting she taught high school, children’s special education, Freshman and Sophomore college English, and vocational school classes in stenotype. Always and in-between, she was writing short stories and novels.

Two of Marlene Lee’s books were published by Holland House in 2013: The Absent Woman and a collection of short stories called Rebecca’s Road.  Scoville, a collection of three mystery novellas, was published in spring of 2014 under the Grey Cells Press imprint.  Limestone Wall, a novel, came out November 1st, 2014, also by Holland House Books.

SuzanneTreasurer – Suzanne Pautler

Suzanne Connelly Pautler started dabbling in writing in her childhood years. She is a life-long learner who enjoys researching a variety of topics, particularly related to history. Suzanne is an avid reader, often gravitating toward youth and children’s novels. She delights in genealogy while        archiving, investigating, and unraveling puzzling details in her family’s history.Liz has a degree in psychology from the University of Missouri and a minor in philosophy. She has taken numerous forensic and writing classes and attended several symposiums on writing. She believes that with any craft, you should constantly work on honing your skills and improving your output.

Administrative secretary  – Brianna Boes

Brianna Boes has been writing since first grade when her teacher handed her a blank book and gave her a special project to write her own story. She loves to write fantasy, but dabbles in a little of every genre. Brianna is a wife and mother of two, and enjoys reading and being involved in her church.

Membership Chair – Debbie Cutlerdeb cutler
Debbie Cutler has more than 20 years experience as a writer, 16 of those as a magazine editor. She has published hundreds of articles in dozens of magazines, the majority of those in Alaska where she lived for 29 years before moving to Columbia in 2013 to be closer to family.

Member at Large – Frank Montagnino 

Frank Montagnino is a retired ad man blown out of New Orleans and into Columbia by Hurricane Katrina. He has two hobbies – golf and writing stories, both of which indicate latent mental problems.  Other than hundreds of ads, brochures, and contributions to Trib Talk he has never had anything published. He has, however won a couple of      flash fiction events which is apropos because he clearly doesn’t have much of value to say.  (P.S. He has been mistaken for George Clooney on occasion.)