Congratulations to all our winners!

Poetry – Judge Elijah Burrell

1st Place:  Marcie McGuire for “Something Like Hope”

2nd Place:  Ken Gierke for “A Thin Line”

3rd Place: Carol Gorski Buckels for “Rock, Paper—Pelican”

Honorable Mention:  Carol Gorski Buckels for “At Skyrim”

Fiction – Judge Gregory Ashe

1st Place:  Teresa Klepac for “The Promise of Water”

2nd Place:  Diane Kehres for “An Arkansas Summer”

3rd Place:  Miriam Tepper for “A Modest Proposal”

Nonfiction – Judge Matt Dube

1st place:  Jana Stephens for “The Michael Jackson Guy”

2nd place:  Steve Magnino for “Butt of the Joke

3rd place:  Lynn McIntosh for “Down to My Last Quarter”

Runner-up, special recognition: 
Frank Montagnino for “Breaking New”

Honorable Mention:  Anne Gifford for “From Sea to Shining Sea”

Flash Fiction – Judge Hank Edwards

1st Place:   Steve Magnino for “Home is Where the Heart Is”

2nd Place:  Sharon SingingMoon for “Twisted”

3rd Place: Millicent Henry for “Surprise! Surprise!”

Honorable Mention # 1:  Frank Montagnino for “Yipes! Stripes!”

Honorable Mention # 2:  Steve Magnino for “Murphy’s Law”

Artwork – Judge Mike Sleadd

Cover Art:  Sharon SingingMoon for “Cairn”

Interested in knowing all the contributors to Well Versed 2024? Join us for the Well Versed 2024 launch party on Sunday, June 9, 2024 at the CK Odor shelter in Kiwanis Park, 926 College Park Dr, Columbia Missouri. Winners and contributors are welcome to read from their entries. The launch is from 2pm to 4pm. An order form will be available soon so you can preorder your books.

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